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Trump: We need to start removing glands via other end
  • Well, he literally proposed this.

    President Donald Trump suggested arming teachers as a way to stop more U.S. rampages.

    “If you had a teacher ... who was adept at firearms, they could very well end the attack very quickly” said Trump.

    Next will be proposing mine fields around schools. As well as automatic steel doors each 5 meters inside.

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  • Our Police aren't even accurate at shooting and they're trained. Police miss more than they hit who they're shooting at, which people often don't realize. This isn't a Hollywood Movie! It's ridiculous to expect teachers to get in shootouts in schools.

  • @Aria

    But having machine gun at each teacher desk can solve discipline problem in US schools. :-)

  • Sure, and the English lit. teacher who chose their major in college based on their love of poetry... or the art teacher who loves making pottery... this is exactly the badass who will pull the trigger to shoot someone dead (after watching a pile of students die at their feet) and not require years of therapy afterward. Everybody knows the home ec. teacher has a killer instinct...

  • Back to guns and teachers

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  • Dont get me started...

  • Vk I thought you liked Trump :-)

  • @zcream

    Where is no such thing as "Trump techniques" or "Trump level". All you have is old-new actor-puppet of ruling class and usual techniques that ruling class are using for ages.


    Definitely had been big fan.

  • Is there a way in P-V to hide all topics that are not related to video production?

  • @tonalt


    Is there any way in this life to only see pink fairies and no other real life things?

    I suggest to try some heavy drugs.

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  • @tonalt @Vitaliy_Kiselev It would be kinda nice to have a photo/video/production tab, and an off-topic tab, to be honest.

  • @joethepro

    Only reason to wish this is that such content rise some part of your nature, something real human in you, that makes your everyday comfortable life even if slightly less comfortable.

    Trump is actually just indicator of direction where things are going if you just have "photo/video/production" comfortable stuff :-) This other, uncomfortable for now, part will reach you some years ahead and even hard raping will look as better choice compared to that will happen at this moment.

    To be short - until PV is alive, you won't see such tabs here.

  • @jleo, where did that brilliant illustration come from?

  • "Is there a way in P-V to hide all topics that are not related to video production?... It would be kinda nice to have a photo/video/production tab, and an off-topic tab, to be honest."

    Oh dear, the fanboy snowflake contingent reporting for duty. Jeez Vitalily, too much reality!

  • Next steps:

    Create an online petition demanding that VK add tabs to p-v.

    VK's publicist will come out with a statement acknowledging the public outcry.

    But no meaningful change will happen until Kylie Jenner says that she will stop using p-v.

  • Several years ago, in that innocent time when I didn't even know who Trump was, I took my GH2 into Trump Tower NY and filmed myself (mirrors everywhere) going up and down the escalators in that golden temple of kitsch. Thankfully that's the closest I have ever been to Trump. In the years since he has spread himself around like an invasive plant crowding out sensible thought, though again thankfully, here in the UK I have yet to meet anyone who regards him as anything other than a bad joke. But it is good that there is one topic on PV (and hopefully only one) where we can address the elephant in all of our lives.

  • I think North Americans are reaching the upper point, a no return path that has been debated and predicted over the years. Fascist America, Trump is no other that the final executer. I feel sorry for them, they have such power to improve, but this kind of manipulative order of things that erupts from the core of their way of be.

    I don't dislike trump I think is what Americans deserve. They choose the path they are in, by supporting and accepting crazy shit from its crazy government.

    I live in a country where my presidents are sentenced for murder corruption to the bone, real terrorisrm, executions and more corruption, a history of long years of bad people's choices, but we don't change, our current president is connecter so tight to odebrech, that is almost shamefully funny. But I live in a developing country, in a place where ignorance is real, where no modification from the culture has been incentivated, where have been left to grow in our own terms, free to fuck ourselfs by our people. But USA is in a completely uber different level, theyare uberly fucked, manipulated and raped all along with their genetics and food and laws. And from. The outside seem all OK, but is really rotten.

    Sometimes I think of Natural disasters being grate resets for civilisations, I know If a real earthquake hit Lima, evidently 5milion will die easy. That caos, soberanía y and help for others maybe will bring change, but until that happens....

    Maybe América need some big motherfucking natural disaster, for them to wake up.

    Still it's funny to see my country and USA being so different and at the same time the same. Capitalism approaches everyone, and corrupts to the core, but the value for cost, so why on hell we even get angry about the effects of a system that. Isnintricicaly corrupted. We are corrupted. So why broder.

  • Trump is doing fine. Have you noticed how media tries so hard to make Trump look bad? Little mistake with words and headlines like this appears:

    I would appreciate if P-V would stick in video production / technical content.


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  • @tonalt

    Loving Trump or hating Trump is pointless thing. Do not spend your time on both.

    But if you somehow will become interested in some economics or real politics aspect due to some improper PV topic and will read some book or article in any other place... well, it'll be good for your real life that includes video production.

    PV by itself and topics on PV live in the world where people are considered as human beings, not like screws or gears whom only goal in life is to read about shutter speeds for 100th time and after this go and produce 1001th advertisement for something no one really needs.

  • I only need a link which shows the newest topics excluding Blog and Offtopic categories. Please?

  • @tonalt "I only need a link which shows the newest topics excluding Blog and Offtopic categories. Please?"

    ... and then you go ahead and post a stock market chart spuriously conflating the disastrous tenure of your dear leader with the cyclical rebound of the American economy. Now that's some balls!

  • Just giving back those political provocations, you guys seem to love them.

  • I only need a link which shows the newest topics excluding Blog and Offtopic categories. Please?

    I suggest to ask medics on situation where patient is doing same thing again and again with same result, but keeps expecting different outcome. :-)

    Just live with full life around you. Sometimes it bites, sometimes it is not pretty.

    Thing that you ask for is actually made by capitalists already - it is called Facebook and their feed. Main design goal - keep you inside pretty bubble and let your little gray cells to be asleep.

  • Please don't go personal. I've already been hinted that Trump is my leader, I should live my life around me, I'm inside pretty bubble, I'm not interested in real economics & politics. How you can tell all that stuff when you don't even know me? I never went to personal level in this conversation.

    All I ask is to give users possibility to read latest camera topics on camera forum without someone's personal political opinions. There's other forums for that.

  • @tonalt

    Only thing personal here is that perception can be different and individual. All that I wrote is to explain same thing in different ways. If I was bad in this, sorry.