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FS: C-Mount fast lenses bundle 3.5mm, 4.8mm, 6mm, 8-48mm
  • 4 Lenses fos Sale - C-Mount, all with M43 adapter included, and rear mount machined to allow infinite focus

    Lenses for use in ETC - Extended Tele Conversion (works great in GH2 ETC Full HD)

    All four lenses without fungus or scratches

    Price: 250 Usd + Shipping, Paypal payment (all 4 lenses)

    Inform your Country to calculate shipping

    Lens 1: Rainbow H3.5mm f1.6 Ultra Wide
    Equivalent to 8mm in M43 and 16mm in full frame

    Lens 2: Cosmicar Pentax 4.8mm f1.8 Equivalent to 12mm in M43 and 24mm in full frame

    Lens 3: Cosmicar Pentax 6mm f1.2 Equivalent to 16mm in M43 and 32mm in full frame

    Lens 4: Rainbow 8-48mm f1.0 Equivalent to 21,5-128mm in M43 and 43-256mm in full frame

    Please send PM


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  • All lenses sold.

  • The adapters are removable, you can use the C-Mount.

  • Are the M4/3rd adapters still removable or glued to the lenses?