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Hybrid, a great free video converter (win, mac, linux)
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  • NEW VERSION'S rev 2015.06.28.1 OUT

    ◦ filter: 'noise' filter, for adding noise to video

    ◦ tools: adjust to MP4Box revisions 0.5.2 starting with 0 again
    ◦ audio: pcm reencoding
    ◦ input: handling of dvd aspect ratio for 352x... content

    ◦ audio: support for 24bit flac audio encoding (when flac binary is used; not ffmpeg or flaccl)
    ◦ qsvencc: support for '--mv-scaling'
    ◦ x265: adjusted to changes to 'grain'-preset
    ◦ x265: added support for '--limit-refs X'
    ◦ x265: added support for '--aq-mode 3'
    ◦ x265: removed 12bit and 16bit support and added '--output-depth 8|10'
    ◦ avisynth: better handling of high bit depth input

  • thanks! look pretty good!

  • Vitaliy maestro, PV pips, 65° vol homemade seasoned greetings, UT UT ULRA!!! // Previous changelogs with a myriad interesting changes, additions und fixes

    BTW 444 downscale's now working


    BIG BIG thanks to Selur

    Please consider donating =)

    Someone (cannot recall) spoke about a new logo


    rev 2015.12.23.1:
    * general: Windows XP support, hopefully this version works better on XP
    * input: better handling of MakeMkv DVDs
    * audio: better alac support
    * audio: problem witht 'DEFAULT:' inside delaycut call
    * audio: wav -> ac3
    * subs: sup->idx/sub handling
    * cosmetics: audio profiles weren't show sometimes
    * input: better handling of MakeMkv DVDs
    * changed
    * cosmetics: Audio Tab got changed a bit
    * cosmetics: new Icon thanks to
    * cosmetics: showing and hiding of cut
    * cosmetics: show avisynth script, even if the script isn't needed
    * x265: adjusted to new presets

    rev 2015.11.17.1:
    * audio: variable mix-up which caused audio encoding not to work always as it should
    * rev 2015.11.15.1:
    * avisynth: HDR AGC range fix (shift U/V min value)
    * avisynth: .ffindex didn't get always deleted properly
    * avisynth: bifrost call
    * audio: qaac 64bit portable support, not removing aac encoding, while ffmpeg is present
    * video: x264 level compliance tests more often
    * video: x265 '--cu-lossless' applied to often
    * video: x265 hrd signaling
    * preview: fixed preview with avisynth and mov
    * input: force Avisynth for OpenDML and 2GB+ Stream size (due to an outstanding but in mencoder)
    * audio: flac channel mapping and encoding problems
    * video: Xvid encoding on Linux with avs2yuv
    * cosmetics: Audio Tab got changed a bit
    * input: ignore subtitles inside .avi files
    * jobs: ignore chapter selection and cut, when multiInput is present
    * audio: allow 'extract with DGIndex' not only for DVD input
    * cosmetics: x265, changed the way light level information is entered
    * general: changed to QT 5.5.1 for Windows builds
    * video: always signal sar when using x264
    * video: file naming during 2pass encoding
    * audio: better dts-hd handling on reencode
    * video: NVEncC '--vbr2' support
    * video: x264 '--[no-]intra-refresh' support
    * video: x265 '--[no-]limit-modes' support
    * video: x265 '--lookahead-slices' support
    * avisynth: 'Force greyscale'-option added to 'Stab'

    rev 2015.10.21.1:
    * general: Windows XP compatibility
    * decode: ffmpeg avisynth call
    * avisynth: KNLMeans, addGrain and autolevel call
    * input: mkv index mixup on some sources
    * input: make sure output frame count is reset on loading source
    * audio: ffmpeg missing '-stric -2' in aac reencoding call
    * utvideo: encoding color space handling
    * x264: 2pass mbtree + faster preset bug
    * jobs: check that outputWidth&outputHeight are > 48
    * cuda: added gtx 950 to supported cuda cards
    * audio: some cosmetic changes inside the audio tab
    * x265: support to signal VUI master display and light level

    rev 2015.09.18.1:
    * audio: ffmpeg audio extraction
    * input: audio detection detecting some streams double
    * x264: preset&tune order
    * x265: preset&tune order
    * x265: adding DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (Mac only)
    * misc: force english speaker (Windows only)
    * cosmetics: tab indication inside Xvid and Audio tab
    * general: frame rate messup
    * avisynth: AVSMeter benchmark call
    * cosmetics: rearranged audio tab
    * audio: limit faac bit rate to 76kBit/s per channel
    * added
    * avisynth: knlmeanscl
    * prores: interlaced encoding support

    rev 2015.08.26.1:
    * audio: extracting pcm_bluray audio with ffmpeg, buy making sure a conversion to the right pcm format is used
    * audio: ffmpeg->qaac, channel dropping due to wrong input format specification
    * audio: limit fhgaacenc vbr to 1-5 since 6 doesn't seem to work
    * general: limit output precision (e.g. 1.4 did end up as 1.3999999999999 with QT 5.5 sometimes otherwise)
    * input: mkv-asp-workaround adjustment
    * input: NVEncC 'hevc', removed level&profile setting
    * tools: windows build contained mplayer&mencoder build which were missing some libraries (e.g. libdvdread)
    * x264/x265: minimize command line
    * general: changed to MSVC 2015 as compiler for the Windows builds and compiling under Windows 10
    * crop: added 'use FFmpeg'-option to the autocrop options
    * avisynth: control over which matrix is used during RGB->YUV conversions
    * internal: handling of avisynth through ffmpeg, to handle non Yv12 color spaces

    rev 2015.07.11.1:
    * resize: height/width adjustment in encoder call
    * x265: --keyint infinite -> --keyint -1, don't use --keyint 0
    * x265: limit rc-lookahead to max 250 instead of just max keyint
    * qt: switched to qt5.5 for Windows builds

    rev 2015.07.07.1:
    * avisynth: histogram now honors matrix selection
    * audio: aacencoding using non-free ffmpeg with fdk-aac build
    * audio: ac3 to pcm using ffmpeg causing warning
    * tools: updated avsViewer and Avisynth plugins (rechecked that DGDecNV and DGDecIM are nor included with Hybrid)
    * tools: x265 combi rebuild

    rev 2015.07.01.1:
    * mac os x yosmite version didn't come with mediainfo
    * switched to combi x265 builds for all supported OSs

  • @maxr Do you have the version from oct 2014 for 10.8 with the force to 444 function ? I have to used 10.8 for backward compatibility i.e. FCP7. And I think the resize function worked at that time.

  • Igooooooorrr stop playing go with your teacher, he's not chinese, he's been dead for over a decade.
    Look in the "H", what's not rotten?

    The older hybrid copy we have it's from christmas of 2014 - (don't use safari for DL)

    There's something not working properly with the 444 downscale in hybrid. I've been noticing this for some time now; but after many tests - I was trying a lanczos, slight denoise+dither+grain approach - I've convinced myself there's no point for that extra step with FHD material; so I didn't want to annoy Selur (he's a nice dude)... 4K material is quite a different story.
    You can talk to Selur, probably it's not that hard to fix... or maybe he's got a freezer with older versions.

    I'm sorry that I cannot be of any more help, when I need to use Karl's script I use automator, where I've inserted the terminal's command line within an applescript and saved it as an application then shortcut 4 convenience; unfortunately I fail to manage more than 1 file at the time, I really no nuthin'. When the ffmpeg cannot parse datastream appears I use code below in similar fashion /// BTW the latest of Karl's scripts (added "-c:d copy") seemed more versatile as it allows the TC too be copied but slower

    ffmpeg -i INPUT -map_metadata -1 -vcodec copy -acodec copy OUTPUT

    @zcream let me give you a free piece of advice if you ever hire a butler, better not be a twisted grumpy hunchback from estonia and more importantly, if you get to hire him, make sure he washes his hands often enough.
    Igor what the fuck is this sticky thing all over the ext hard drive!!!!

  • Any version of Hybrid available for Sierra or Yosemite ? I really like the option of subtitles and film grain in one single app before exporting. I think ffmpeg has the option too..


    ffmpeg grain? it could be, some years ago Selur mentioned something about mencoder and ffmpeg having a grain filter but I have never used it other than Hybrid's

  • NEW VERSION'S rev 2015.06.28.1 OUT

    added ◦ filter: 'noise' filter, for adding noise to video