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80W Affordable High CRI LED Fresnel
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  • I saw those a while ago. They are dedo knock offs without the high price, but also without as high light output. Also these are pretty heavy. Was looking at them for hair lights but I'd rather go with the Boltzen / Aputure mini20... I actually got the Nanguang CN-30F instead, but the lack of remote on it is very annoying.

  • There is a smaler version 50W this one is newer 80W there is a chance this one has stronger output the Bolzen?

  • @konjow

    It isalso good chance that it has very bad cooling.

    Boltzen have not so good cooling either.

  • Look at the specs. Most of these are similar in output except mini20c is only 20W so not sure how bright it can get. Nanguang CN-30F has good fresnel which is why the spot is so bright (equaling the others at 60W because their optics aren't as good).

    Next generation will be better. What are you looking for anyways, hair light?

  • yes hair lights but it would be good if it works on battery and can take bowens softbox. Something like boltzen but "stronger". I does not want to spend to much maney while waiting for next generation :)

  • We used an ARRI L7 the other day, lovely Fresnel for hair/rim light. Died half way through shoot. We had to improvise a hair light from a Q-Led tube. I was surprised how well the Q-Led worked for a hair light.

  • I have found this little unboxing and review, but I don´t understand anything. I would like to get more information about this light because It looks very good for the price...what do you think?

  • @alvaro

    It is not review, just initial impressions with unboxing.

  • Thank you @Vitaliy_Kiselev. I hope more feedback about this lights are coming and I can decide to buy or not.

  • Good thing we know someone who speaks Russian :o)