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Wishes for the GH6
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  • I found in my G7 exposure tests that the correct exposure keeps the pedestal at zero, so a second screen for waveform would be very useful. All other infortation could be on this screen. It could be a cheap black and white or green screen just for scopes and numbers.

  • I want not just foldable but easy detacheble monitor on bluetooth or wifi conection with battery inside. It could be magnetic to easy attach it on tripod or gimbal handles.

  • @chef

    See. They are afraid of @AKED . Instant reaction.

  • @davedv All valid points. I just wanted to give an idea of something I think would be valuable to have and than no other DSLR or DSLM camera has (the URSA has 2 screens for example. One on both sides. But other price range and other target group)

    Then it is a matter for the engineers and project managers to see, if it is technical possible and if it would make sense to add, without increasing the costs and energy consumption too much. If you can switch it off when not needed,I think the energy consumption can be handeled snd for these purporses, maybe it most not be a high resolution OLED screen. And by then, prices for screens will be lower. So let us just see if other people would find this idea also helpful so that Panasonic may find that idea interesting as well.

  • Maybe add that phase detection focus

  • My hopes for GH6 and maybe GH5 future FW updates:

    -the camera should show exposure values (aperture, shutter speed and iso) when shooting video in all modes.

    -the red recording dot should be constantly on, not blinking slowly.

    -AFS/AFC/MF lever should work with video and with 6k photo.

    -Sharpening setting for EVF.

    -16:9 mode for 6k photo or "open gate" mode.

  • @AKED It's an interesting idea, but I think it would end up increasing the overall cost of the camera a fair bit. Plus, an additional screen would increase the overall power consumption of the camera, which would either mean shorter battery life or necessitate a larger battery and larger camera body.

    Maybe a more practical idea is to use a smartphone or tablet for this purpose. Obviously the mobile app would have to improve to make this happen (it would be nice if it could display video in a higher resolution, for example). But you can already get some of these features (waveform, vectorscope, histogram, etc.) with the 3rd party FieldMonitor mobile app.

  • I ONLY want multi aspect ratio sensor.