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Good Deals: Acer EasyStore Servers
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  • @stip

    I think that you must look at Home Server docs and modules.
    Generally, it is Windows PC.
  • @stip
    You don't plug in portable disks or cards into the box. It is a headless network server. It will automatically backup any PC or Mac you register with it on a daily basis. In addition, you can access its shared volumes over a wifi network and set it up for remote internet logon if desired.
  • @LPowell

    You can plug external cards or disks in it without problems.
    About backup, it can be tuned and could not be auto each day.
    It can also be media server for your game console, etc.
    I am sure that some modules or extentions must exist for it to make auto copy of plugged disk, you just need to search.
  • I've been a user user and evangelist of Windows Homeserver since it's very first beta release years ago. WHS 2011 (Vail) did make things a bit painful for a while, due to the removal of Drive Extender. But, I got over it, and I'm now running two RAID arrays (RAID 1 and RAID 0) and can still sleep at night :-)

    WHS offers blistering speeds for NAS, and includes lots of nice features above and beyond most common storage solutions. You can even build your own, as I have, giving you complete control over the disks you add and hardware you use - which usually means less $$$.

    There are some 3rd party drive extender utilities that have popped up that might be worth considering too. Its only real competitor is Drobo, which is worth a look, if not quite a bit more expensive.
  • Looks nice, very cheap too. Shame you have to buy it with WHS, it would only be wipped and replaced with Debian ;) I'm just using an old PC for my server.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I've looked and never found a WHS option that allows you to schedule the automatic backup for something other than once every day. Any links on how to do this?
  • I use manual backup :-)
    As for other tuning you can use simple scheduler and AutoIt script.
  • That dealer has some other good deals too, I think I'll get this:
  • Any other gear with similar functionality (and why not, price) that you would recommend?

    Cheetahdeals no longer have the servers in stock..

  • I am looking for an editing server solution which you could log in to edit when away from home. Is any solutions out there cheap and reliable ? please share your experiences. Thanks.

  • @tinbeo

    I do not understand that you need exactly and how it relates to this topic.

    If you need some way to acess your file on server view internet, as I know all of modern home servers and NAS can do it.

  • I googled " Server, Personal-view " and it show this thread. Acer is known as good deal, cheap price, and was used by you as store server. What I really wanted is built it myself a PC home server which I can log in to edit if I was away from home, using my laptop. Sorry if this question is not related to this thread.

  • Just go to ebay, and look for proper NAS or home server. Preferably with 4 bays. You need something on good (for NAS) CPU, ala double core Atoms or similar things, not cheap ARM stuff.