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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • Vitaliy do you still need a GH1? I have a hackable GH1 not hacked yet but it has some physical and electronic damage but it still functions and may be good for testing.
  • Any chance to have bigger ISO value for video recording? (6400, 12800,...)
  • I would also like to have higher ISO for video, Grain can easily be hidden with artificial grain in post, also if it get really bad it can be stylistic
  • I think a higher ISO for video would be a great idea. I use my GH2 as my all around camera for when Im hanging around with friends/family or working on a film project. Even if the higher ISO caused quite a bit of grain, it would be great for when Im just hanging out with friends say in the desert (which we do from time to time) and there isnt much light at all. In cases like that I can deal with the grain as I dont need it to be picture perfect.

  • To set it manually right away, would of course be a nice addition.
  • @crackermd

    I am working on this.
    Few guys already tested early patch versions.
    We need to improve few things.
  • Unfortunately, I had not been able to finish v3.63 on this weekend, so we'll need one more week before release.
  • :-) Can't wait! Anything that you can share with us re: features?
  • @Vitaliy nice some more testing for us to play with or at least hope for boundary's to be pushed.
  • Take your time. Looking forward to it :)
  • Yes, if you can share to us some of what we will have in the next ptool.
  • @Vitaliy will there be any new features for the GH1?
  • @Vitaliy
    Can't wait for v3.63. Take your time, I know all of us here want it ASAP, but I'm sure we would all be willing to wait so that you can work out an issues there might be. Keep up the great work, we all appreciate it.
  • Sorry if this question has been asked somewhere else, this forum has gotten so large after the GH2 hack was released.

    My question is, if you hack the GH2 say with the 172mbps patch, will the camera consistently record at that bit rate no matter the subject matter, or will the camera only use that horse power if it needs it?

    If the camera only uses the horse power if it needs it, how can one explain the overall better picture quality when comparing the 42mbps patch to the 172mbps patch no matter the subject matter?

    Hope this make sense, thanks in advance to anyone with any useful information.
  • @flibnarb VK likes these sort of questions here:

    Will answer question there.
  • @Vitaly Would it be possible in PTool to customize the firmware version number that appears on the corresponding GH2 menu in order to include some indication of the patch that has been uploaded? Also, would it be possible in video mode, instead of having the remaining recording time showing on the LCD, to have the remaining space available on the card ? This would be useful to monitor the spanning.
    Finally, is there any way that the video files could carry the ISO info at which they were shot ?
  • Can someone please explain to me why it is dangerous to use the DC coupler when updating firmware? Everyone always says to just use an original fully charged battery, but what will happen if I use the DC coupler with an external battery while updating?
  • Apparently the DC coupler has an unreliable connector which can come loose while updating. If that happens, the camera will be "bricked" - i.e. rendered totally inoperable, since it will have no operating system installed.

    The battery has no such problem, it seems, as there have been literally thousands of updates installed by users without incident.

  • @drogo
    To add to what bdegazio said. With the DC coupler, if there were to be a power outage, you would end up with the same result. A "bricked" GH2. You can update the firmware with the DC couple, but it is highly NOT recommended. Its a risk that IMO shouldn't be taken, no matter how small the chance of there being a power outage or the connector coming loose. I usually keep a spare battery on me dedicated to firmware updates in case I want to update while on site. With the original battery you can update as long as you have two or more bars of battery left, although A full battery is best. Hope that helped.
  • Yes, thank you both, I understand now. I thought there was some technical limitation preventing updating apart from using the internal battery. I can see now your point for safety reasons. Thanks!
  • I notice @Diftwood 's Ptool ini patch files include the settings:

    30min limit removal=Checked
    PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked

    Now, I'd like to see also:

    All Interface Languages=Checked

    Included in all patches. Personally, I find it annoying when I check it within Ptool, only to find later that the GH2's reverted to Japanese - because while still using Ptool the language setting had become unchecked!

    Is there any problem with some common settings like Languages being included by default?
    Prevent version compare=Checked
    Third-party battery=Checked
    All Interface Languages=Checked
    30min limit removal=Checked
    PAL<->NTSC Menu=Checked
  • i have a suggestion,

    is it possible to make custom profiles for the lens distorion correction made by the gh2?,

    if it is, we could create custom profiles for the legacy lenses and adapters in camera
  • Thanks for the great work you are doing!!

    Is there any change that this hack will support live vga out for wireless monitoring?
  • I'm frustrated that the GH2 can only output 1080i 60 via HDMI. No web videoconferencing systems can pick up the signal. Can this hack or any other hack adjust the output via HDMI to something more standard like 23.976, 29.97, 59.94, etc.? Anything else? Thank you.
  • Is there any news on the Battery indicator for third-party batteries?