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GH2 - 2016
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  • I still shoot most of my freelance work with this camera.

    Am even considering to buy a second cam of it. What you guys think, is USD200 for the body too ex or a good deal? Think I can nego for a cheaper price?

  • Yeah, seems like a decent price; it's still a great HD cam, hard to beat for the price :D

  • One thing bad about GH2 is recording 25p and 30p in interlaced container.

    In the money shortage variant you can try NX30

  • Vitaliy: I've integrated ClipWrap to my workflow to make it progressive, excellent qty.

  • Panasonic GH2 w/speedbooster sigmas 18-35 1.8 . I love this camera (:

  • Samsung should continue with their NX ... sighhhh

  • @sebdrewtt Excellent camera work. No grading and looks great. Which Hack and picture profile are you using on this video?

  • Really nice! What lenses and camera stabilization are you using in this clip? @sebdrewett

  • GH2 has the best filmic sensor on the market. Hands down. It can't be beaten. In the right lighting conditions it's incredible. The hacks are cherrys on top of an already great camera. With Neat Video 4 to clean up the noise in low light, GH2 competes on a higher level.

  • Hello! This is the last video I made with this great camera. It is a test with an anamorphic lens. (Proskar16 2x + Canon FD 55 3.5 macro) Use the hack moon T7 but with this old objective hardly notice the quality. Thanks for all your work @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    This is another video I made with the gh2 and the hack Flow Motion V2

  • Got a G7 / G70 yesterday. Send it back to the shop the same day. It was bought to replace the GH2, especially I saw a video where the G7 was copared tro a Canon D5 Mark IV. The G7 looked very good. But I sent the G7 back to the shop the same day. You have the ability to rise the blacks on the G7, but still the blacks were unnaturally crushed compared to a Gh2. Best I could get out was a look that reminded of pushed film out of the lab: Blacks crushed, the middtones somehow unnaturally evened out. Could be a Quicktime problen on the Mac (I doubt so) but the Image with the stock 12-42 lens had no texture. So I will keppp my GH2 for some longer time...

  • Gh2 still rocks for 2017

  • Gh2 old footage never cc at all...50mm f1.8 nikon ai and 14-42mm kit 720p still holds... and no hack at all ... does 4K 5K 6K and so on really matters? I mean c'mon vimeo and youtube compressions?how many 4k monitors and viewers are there?