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When will Panasonic Vario PZ 45-175mm f/4.0-5.6 get Dual I.S. firmware update?
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  • Just an FYI about the 45-175mm Lens. I requested updated Dual-IS info about it from Panasonic.
    received an email from Panny US, in which they stated...

    "The firmware update for the lens is still under development.
    It should be available in the first half of 2017.
    Stay tuned as there will be an announcement as the date gets closer."

    So, there is still hope. Don't despair. :-)

  • Very happy to hear this, thanks woody123.

  • If this roadmap is correct, the answer now is clear: never.


    I love my 45-175mm, and it is the lens that I most wanted to see Dual IS implemented. If really Panasonic have the habit to read this forum, my message to them (sorry about it): F*** you, Panasonic.

  • I wouldn't read too much into its exclusion. Listing the long overdue 45-175mm would only serve to undermine the integrity of the document.

  • I don't get these forgiving posts. Panasonic never met their stated delivery date for the lens firmware upgrades (February 2016). Now we are supposed to be believe they will be coming after they just posted a new timetable of lens firmware updates that excludes all of the lenses they promised to update before? I see no reason to trust Panasonic on any promise of updates, posted or sent privately. And it helps none of us to let Panasonic off the hook on broken promises.

  • Simply speculating on the reason for its omission. No need to brandish the pitchforks and torches here :-)

  • Firmware update Ver.1.3 for the 45-175mm lens makes it compatible with the Dual I.S. (Image Stabilizer) function. Dual I.S. is available when the lens is used with the LUMIX GH5, GX8, GX80/GX81/GX85 and G80/G81/G85 DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) cameras. Combining an O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabilizer) and B.I.S.(Body Image Stabilizer), it compensates for larger movements which were conventionally uncontrollable and boasts even more powerful and effective blurring suppression from wide-angle to telephoto.

  • Happy days, I really wasn't expecting that, will be interesting to see how it behaves!

  • Firmware update version 1.3 (which adds Dual IS support) is now available:

  • Updating the lens went fine. Here are 2 jpegs (45mm and 175mm) with dual I.S. using the GH5 (also updated to version 1.1) straight from the camera. This was and is my favorite telephoto and now with improved Dual I.S. Both images had to be adjusted to fit under under PV 2MB size limit.

    5184 x 3456 - 2M
    5184 x 3456 - 2M
  • Here are 2 images from the 45-175 with updated firmware from my GX80.

    4592 x 3448 - 1M
    4592 x 3448 - 2M
  • @bealbuoy

    Best idea is to use Flikr for such photos. And here just preview or link.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for the heads-up. I have never added photos before. I'll check out Flikr. Have seen images on it before, but never used it myself.

  • I have added the 4 full size jpeg images shown above as straight from the cameras to Flickr. They can seen online or downloaded as you want for viewing.

  • @bealbuoy - I just acquired the PZ 45-175mm lens and updated the firmware to v1.3 - which is supposed to enable Dual 2 IS.

    In my GH5, the display did confirm the new firmware v1.3 for the lens. However, the GH5 still shows only "Dual" in the monitor. By way of comparison, my 14-140mm II lens shows "Dual 2" in the GH5 monitor.

    Is this what you see in the GH5 and GX80?

  • ©v10tdi

    The Dual IS is v1 not Dual 2. However, from what I have read about differences between Dual and Dual II there may be a half stop difference between them, so not a big deal to me. Just finally getting Dual IS v1 makes it better, I was using it as it was with just Power O.I.S. and it was giving me good images, so with Dual IS and the GH5 I am pleased with the results. I doubt they will do a firmware update to Dual II. This is my favorite telephoto lens: light weight, good reach (90-350) and internal zooming!!

  • Yes, thanks for clarification. I think I had a bit of a brain hiccup...the similarity of dual and 2 confused me for a bit.

    I do like the lens for the reasons you mentioned - good IS, good size and good zoom range/internal operation.

  • Since the 45-175mm was finally updated, hopefully that means the updates for the other 3 lenses are still under development and planned for release. I have the 14-140mm V1, I don't care enough to get the new one but it would be nice to still get support for the V1.

  • This is my favorite telephoto lens: light weight, good reach (90-350) and internal zooming!!

    @bealbuoy not to mention very inexpensive.