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Panasonic GH5 camera, actual users feedback
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  • Just found this re: false colour lut for GH5:

    Haven't tested yet, but looks good.

    EDIT: tested- works well!

  • @alcomoser The focus transition feature is really smooth:

    You might be onto something. I went to NAB and had a chance to talk to Matt Frazer from Panasonic. He mentioned they may be doing more with the USB 3 port in a future firmware upgrade. He said charging, unfortunately wasn't possible, but some type of lanc control for Panasonic lenses would be great!

  • @smoke23 probably not the right place to post, but it would be remarkable if Panasonic came up with a USB3 follow focus knob. I think it would also sell more Panasonic glass to video centric people. As long as it was really smooth, I would be able to transition into more Panasonic glass easily.

    Unfortunately Panasonic would have to re-think their marketing etc. Then again, Canon- Nikon- Sony etc. all have expensive 5k+ flagship cameras. I think that the GH5 could have been more expensive, and hence more capable and still achieve great sales. (Vlog-L can still be seperate if they want).

  • GH5 could use the joystick to drive focus motor. It would be easier and steadier to use manual focus.

  • @Vesku thats a super idea. However if Panasonic want to initiate a 'pro' feature in the GH5, then it would be nice to get true FF, and fly-by-wire.

    It's a bit strange currently, as there are some super advanced features in the GH5 for video, Scopes, etc, but some aspects are just not there yet.

    Manual FF with Panasonic glass should be one of these features, it would sell more Panasonic glass than many other feature (apart from better auto-focus). Many features of the GH5 are even there specifically for other companies glass- like Anamorphic mode. (not that I dislike or don't want that mode, its just strange that Panasonic doesn't make its own glass a first class citizen)

  • @smoke23 charging isn't on my 'must have list' as its super simple to get a battery pack adapter. Thank you for talking with Panasonic and discussing this with them, this is really an area that could get exciting! (and finally I can buy the 12mm 1.4 Panasonic lens without feeling that I can't focus it!)

    We should all aim to let them know what we think can be made better, as its great to be able to have such a capable camera in a small package.

    What Panasonic needs to realize is that the GH5/6 should be aimed at professionals, it can also be a great crash cam, small space camera etc... It really does deserve to be in the Varicam lineage as a compact form advanced photo/video device. Larger cameras (such as Varicam / RED / Alexa / Ursa will always have a place in market) but to have such a powerful device in a small-compact package is truly useful for professionals.

    Anyway, what would be the point of 'prosumer' devices if pros don't use them anyway?

    On anther note, I know friends that use Sony exclusively that were quite blown away by the GH5's simplicity of use and advanced usability features (HDMI - scopes - 10bit etc).

  • @Umii - I removed the triangle strap holders and use CAMS strap attachment designed for the camera mount screw on the bottom of the camera. But you make a good point. I'll test sound capture while sliding the camera on the strap and see if that might be causing the problem.

    In the meantime, I've reduced mic gain substantially to see if that makes a difference. Seems to capture sounds just fine.

  • Since they have already said they are adding tethering support in a future update it should in theory be possible to control focus etc over USB. You can do that from lightroom with tether supported cameras.

  • I'm not sure if my post has been deleted or I never hit "Post Reply".

    Anyways, question: On the GH5, can I record internally 4k and at the same time send out 1080p via HDMI? (Problem on the A7s ii is that it only gives out 4k when it shoots 4k internally and also disables the LCD preview while HDMI is connected).


  • @JackBayer yup no problem for what you want. 4k 10bit 422 internal recording -> HDMI 1080p monitoring. Both GH5 and HDMI screen active. (just tested it then)

    Is that what you were interested in knowing?

  • @alcomposer Thanks so much, this is exactly what I need then. :)

  • @JackBayer I don't understand. Can the A7sii not downconvert to 1080 when recording internally to 4k? I'm not a Sony user, so I haven't run into that issue. Sad that such an amazing camera (a7s ii) is let down by something like this.

  • @alcomposer Yes it seems so from what I've read. Not only doesn't it downconvert but also switches off the video ouput on its lcd (once you hit record). Info graphics will be displayed though.

  • @JackBayer ok. Still a lovely camera, just shot with the GH5 and the other camera guy had an a7r ii. I was on VLogL and matching seems quite easy to fix.

  • Forgot, it can take nice pictures as well, couldn't find any cats tho!


  • Can someone find a good reason why Panasonic has removed AFS from 4k/6k photo?

  • @Vesku processing power limitation? Or maybe they are still working on the feature in new firmware. Seems that late 2017 GH5 will be GH5mkii! :-)

  • Can you imitate AFS by using AFL?

  • I can use AF-lock or I can use MF with AF-ON but I have used to use half shutter for focusing. So why it can not work with 4k/6k photo. Half shutter is easier, faster and steadier than those other methods.

  • Stills in garden: GH5, Panasonic 15mm 1.7,

    Garden_GH5_2017 - 1.jpg
    5184 x 3888 - 795K
  • Question for other owners of GH5: Is there any functional difference currently between using USH1 & USH2 cards? Are extra features enabled? Do photos save faster? Is the operation of the camera faster?

  • Edius Version 8.5 supports 6K H265 of the GH5 now. Import and editing. Export in H265 is not possible yet.

  • warning!!!

  • Just a little clip I shot yesterday,nothing special but thought it was a nice example where having vlog makes it easier to get nice exposure outside, I'm always having to compromise and rarely have time to set up graduate filters etc. as a lot of my subjects are black and white with a bright sky :) but It's def easier with vlog and 10bit and the highlights seems to roll off much nicer to my eye. ISO 400 as shot with just the default panasonic vlog lut on it nothing else. I really like the default colors the standard LUT give as as well.

  • I've got my GH5 last week, i havn't run all the test yet. The performance of GH5 really is a big jump from GH4, although GH4 is not an outdated camera. And i found out 4K60p or 4K 10bt 422 is a bit hard to edit with my current computer config. I hope Panasonic will update HEVC for general recording format. And more tools for filming, make it a camera version of Varicam