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For Sale : Aquatica A7D,Aquaview viewfinder,8inch dome,Canon
  • For sale is my Canon 7D setup. Includes the following: Aquatica A7D housing (optical strobe connectors) with 3rd party electronic leak detection Aquatica Aquaview viewfinder Aquatica 8 inch acrylic dome with shade and cover Zoom gear for Tokina 11-16 (included) Port extension for Tokina 11-16 (included) Canon 7D body with 2 batteries and charger Tokina 11-16 wide angle lens

    Everything is well taken care of and used in freshwater (one trip in saltwater). This setup is complete except for strobes or video lights. Low shutter count on camera as it was only used in the housing.

    Would like to sell everything as a package for $2500 USD

    Will ship at buyers cost.

    Thanks Diego

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  • Note that member just registered.

    Suggest to avoid such costly things in such cases.