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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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    Speedy cards

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  • V90 SD cards on german Amazon right now: 64GB: 199€ 129GB: 399€

  • What would Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s cards be able to record on GH5? Or what not.

  • @inqb8tr

    looks like antiquity those cards. I use them now. lol.

    GH5 who would imagine reaching so far in time, and this forum and all this panasonic filling wishes. Its like dream. v90 cards. 250mbt.

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  • This thing I want to see in next GX and GH cameras


  • The custom modelling option for these grips can be found at - perfectly shaped towards your hand!

    (Sugru-like material can be produced using a DYI process, too)

    ((I would not mind the grip option, by the way, as long as the camera attached to it does not look as ... grumpy? ... as the one the above grips have been made for))

  • @endotoxic

    Sorry man I don't understand a thing you are mumbling for few months now, maybe you need to go check it.

  • GH5 internals.

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    800 x 600 - 180K
  • @Eno

    Do you have larger photos of both sides?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, unfortunately this is all I could find.

  • here some information about the sensor of the GH5 from a german Forum, who has collected these infos from different sources like interviews, videos etc.

    • it is definitively another sensor as in the E-M1.2 and GH4 and another design
    • The high Iso Performance is supposed to be much better than in the GH4, there is talk about up to 2 stops (An ISO 6400 of the GH5 shall look like an ISO1600 of the GH4). Unfortunately there are no RAW pictures available at the moment to prove that.
    • RAWs will not be denoised by internal software
    • The design of the sensor leads to a faster read out that reduces the rolling shutter. The E-M1.2 Uses the brute-force approach with a lot of calculation effort. Panasonic says, that this will lead to more noise in the end, especially during video. This is the reason, whether decided, to design a totally new sensor. The rolling shutter also is not reduced by the software.
    • the debayering is not done on a 2x2 Field but on a 6x6 Field. This leads to truer colours and to less artefacts. If the RAWs have 14Bit Colourdepth is not clear.
    • all cameras that are tested at the moment have a beta firmware, which is optimized for video. This is why there are no or not many photos available yet.
    • FW 1.0 will be "conservative" That will not use the full potential of the prozessors/sensor yet. Only with future firmware updates, the full potential of the sensor will be used.
    • Updates for the photo abilities Are on the "internal" roadmap, but are not communicated yet. .
    • Higer framerates in serial picture mode are possible but may not be used due to the 4K/6K functions .
  • look at loss of fatal highlight detail as ISO increases. Not great test as it was not under low light

  • Another video just posted from ProAV TV who did the above video:

  • Click on full screen then hit pause, look behind the bass player right above his head on the yellow wall of the building outside, between the two upper windows and tell me what you guys really really see!

  • I wander why Panasonic lets so many unskilled people play around and share footage from their new cameras before the release...

  • Want skilled? Look at this test at high, very high, ISOs. Leica 12-60

  • read the description for secret sauce. Pixel combing for anamorphic mode. Graded files.

    Downloadable files. Have fun regrading!

  • Now VLog L included?!

    The seller in Germany write VLog L was included. Any confirm?