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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • For anyone currently using Honu cages with their GH3s or GH4s, I asked Kamerar if they would consider making a new replacement top plate that could be used with the GH5 and XLR hotshoe adapter. I will keep you posted as to what I hear back from them.

    ETA - Just heard back from tech support, no plans to modify the cage for the GH5 + XLR adapter.

  • @Driftwood -

    Heres a little bit of trivia... Bit of trivia... Panny GH5 in 4k DCI has a 1.89x crop factor.

    Doesn't this suggest a MAR sensor?

  • ++ That would certainly fit with the idea of the C4K 4096 pixels across..

  • I love the high ISO capability of this camera and how the noise is handled like fine grain

  • This is a real photo of the camera taken by:

    Can anybody specifically ask Nick if the camera has or has not a MAR sensor inside?

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  • Back on chat in an hour.

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  • @driftwood

    that is the exact same size sensor of the GH2 so is multiaspect.

  • Someone with a GH5?

    Is it showing all exposure values when using video modes A,S,P and auto iso. GH4 and all other Panasonic camera are not showing all automatic exposure values.

    GH5 has finally auto iso in M with EV comp in video, maybe they corrected showing exposure values too.

  • @Vesku

    I asked these questions in the Chat this afternoon along with a couple of related others. Hopefully @driftwood can provide the answers as provided.

    Not sure what's happening with the chat as it seems to be ongoing still, but rejoining you cannot see any of the previous messages so unsure if @driftwood has answered any questions while members are active in the chat?

  • I think the sensor is not MAR.

    I think the sensor is larger because sensor stabilization needs sensor area at sides and below/above.

  • edited id like to know if the new MkII lenses 12-35 and 35-100 also can shoot at -10C like the gh5( found it and yes they can go down to -10) Vitaly u can delete my comment?thx

  • I think the sensor is not MAR.

    I think the sensor is larger because sensor stabilization needs sensor area at sides and below/above.

    It's IBIS, not EIS. No extra pixels are needed.

  • in the specs paper all is long gop that is bullshit !!!! no intra or ipb WTF

    Long-GOP is IPB.

    Intraframe is being added via firmware later in the year.

  • @driftwood confirms sensor "seems wider". :-p

  • I just want to know how the AF and face/object tracking is compared to dual pixel AF on Canons? This is the only thing holding me back right now before pulling the trigger for a 1DX mkII.

    I asked several times in the chat, but a couple of people are spamming their questions over and over hogging the entire chat -_-

  • @eno Sensor seems wider than 4/3 because it is wider.

    Now we can speculate about Panasonic not utilizing that extra width in regular photo and video modes.

    Just C4K gets a extra width...

  • My biggest question right now is how first generation 12-35 and 35-100 lumix lenses will perform with the in body IS.

  • Sorry I messed up that picture. Its not correct. My bad.

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  • @hampuslager I asked him the same question in the first chat. His reply was "BPope23 I would say yeah. And you can buy a few GH5s for the price of that baby!"

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  • thanks @smoke23

    I just want to see it in action before deciding x)

  • Interview in which the Panasonic Sean Robinson talks about Multi Aspect Ratio:

    Jump to 14:57 in case the embed video doesn't... surprise! hehe...

  • The confirmation of "DFD for AFC in video mode" sounds promising!

    Now I wonder: Will this also work with older 4/3 lenses like the first version 14-140mm lens or the good old 12-42 pancake?

  • @theSUBVERSIVE - He's showing a wider sensor and says its a 4/3 aspect. Bullshit.