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Osmo or LX100+Beholder MS1?
  • I am considering these two options for walking footage. I already own an LX100, and am happy with the footage it produces (also shoot a GH4+Sigma 18-35/Speedbooster) and the MS1 seems well liked. However the Osmo is newer tech and has a LOG profile. Also the 4th axis steadicam-like option is appealing for stabilizing the up down movement in walking footage. Thoughts, experiences, recommendations? Thanks

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  • I've decided to wait for generation 2 of Osmo since I had read reports of heat and noise issues.

  • Hmm, wonder when that'll be? I know DJI is pretty diligent with Osmo firmware upgrades, I believe that took care of the fan noise issue for instance

  • I think you're going to get much better performance out of the LX100, even without LOG. DJI recently updated their D-LOG profile across platforms and essentially broke it. It has become noisy and has some serious macroblocking issues after applying even modest color correction (this wasn't always the case). Now I only shoot in the D-Cinelike mode which is probably less dynamic range than the LX100 running in Natural mode with contrast dialed down. You will also have a lot more flexibility with framing and DOF, whereas the OSMO is a 20mm equivalent lens that has no control over aperture or focus.

  • With the OSMO you are shooting with a tiny sensor. Don't expect great quality in average light. It's passable otherwise but still not great

  • Great points. The LX100 is an amazingly competent little 4K camera, something I should remember. Does anyone have any experience with the MS1 they can share?

  • I believe , if you check the a6300 thread, you'll find a review of the beholder with that camera from bulgaria. It looked like it did a great job, and bh reviews are positive as well. The beholder will be more flexible.

  • If you make sure it is balanced correctly you should not have many issues. It will work if it is near balanced, but there can be some drift when moving. It's basically a slow pan toward the imbalanced axis.

    It worked for me right out of the box.

  • Cool, I ordered the Beholder MS1 version 2 right from owldolly. $499, $100 less than B&H plus they shipped it right out (B&H is closed April 22-30 for Passover).

  • @shrigg Look for right balance with LX100. Use double adapter plates instead one on MS1 with LX100.

    960 x 960 - 65K
    960 x 960 - 72K
    960 x 960 - 64K
    960 x 960 - 43K
  • I use a lot MS1 with GH4 and I love it (more than DS1 because I use only light prime native lenses)