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Atomos PowerStation
  • In a footprint not much larger than 2 batteries, Atomos Power Station delivers power for up to 5 devices using our patent pending Continuous Power dual battery system, allowing users to hot swap batteries on the fly without interrupting power to their devices.

    “This is Power to the People, solving power and battery for everyone.” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “The Power Station is the Anton Bauer for the masses, solving the biggest hassle on set, running out of power; we have also added one of the fastest dual battery chargers in the industry all in one device.”

    At its core, Power Station consists of 2 batteries mounted side by side that operate together using a continuous circular power system. When one battery gets low it can be removed and charged while the system switches across to the second battery uninterrupted. This patented design by Atomos is used to power up to 3 DC streams (for cameras, monitors, recorders or lighting) as well as 2 USB products such as smartphones or tablets. With a DC input as well, it doubles as a super-fast charger for your batteries – up to 3 times the rate of conventional chargers.

    Connections and features at a glance:

    • 2 DC out and included splitter cable to give connection for up to 3 DC devices.
    • 2 USB terminals to power 1A and 2A USB devices for fast charging of USB cameras or to power any USB device.
    • DC input with fast charging capability to charge the connected batteries and provide continual AC power for connected devices.
    • Independent left and right LED front display to give a quick 5 step visual guide on the power remaining for each battery from 100% down to 10%.
    • Dummy batteries are available to power popular cameras including Sony A7s, Sony FS Series, Panasonic GH4, Nikon D810 and Canon 5DMKIII.
    • Total power capability up to 5A (DC plus USB), with maximum 3A for USB connections.
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  • I was thinking of making one of these, too bad I have no contacts. Seems like it would only cost $60 to make a decent one

  • Cool. Real simple and convenient. I like the LED power indicators.

  • Any pricing rumours?

  • @mrbill

    Don't know about rumours, but it says $295/$395 in the first post… (check screencap of video)

  • B&H $295.

  • Doh - thanks

  • Without locking for DC out sockets, cannot see this as a professional item. But for the price it's useful.

  • The difference between the 'photo' and 'video' versions seems to be just the battery power. If I've already got Sony batteries then perhaps the 'photo' version is worth getting for a GH4 and shogun combo?