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Sony Alpha hacks talk
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  • @alamizsna I'm glad the the firmware packing works for you. I can't really help you with the rest, I never tried that myself...

    @Leegong Look at the 0630_ca / 1630_ca folder in the firmware tar. It contains definitely TMP19A44 MIPS code. The 2nd gen devices have a CA_0_0.BOO file (probably the bootloader) and CA_2_0.APP.

  • @malco You are quite correct , Thanks so much . I just disassembly CA_2_0.APP in folder 0630_ca , then got tons of TMP19A44 instructions , i'm sooooo familiar with them ! Thanks again .

    BTW , anybody is willing to analyze TMP19A44 firmware ? i'll be very glad to work with him/her .

  • Big news: I've managed to unlock the 30min video recording limit and the language menu (for people with cameras fixed to Japanese). Test the app and tell me if it works:

  • @ma1co

    you save my wedding job tomorrow! never run back to b-cam to reset the 29.50. Thank you very much!! image

    3264 x 2448 - 2M
    1024 x 768 - 579K
  • Wow, this is big big news! Great for people who might be importing Sony cameras from Japan.

  • nice one. Is there also an easy way to unlock playmemories on a Chinese NEX-6 without entpacking / changing bin to europe + calculate crc + compile?

  • Nice work! Also handy for imported US models and set local language

  • Excellent! Which aps-c model would you pick that doesn't overheat though?

  • Which aps-c model would you pick that doesn't overheat though?

    Samsung :-) NX500 records 160Mbit HEVC videos.

  • @oscillian I have had the A5100, it overheats. The A6000 is meant to not be as bad, but even it overheats as well....

    This mod could be great for an A7s however.

  • Yeah A7 series can handle heat much better than APS-C model it seems, the A6300/A6000/A5100/A5000 all overheat..

  • @ma1co Thank you very much for your work. This patch is easy to handle and works very well with my A7s (firmware 3.1).

  • Happy overheating

  • Hi everybody, great news for Sony users and good job and thank you to the devs!!! I have one issue that bother me a lot: I shoot in manual and the red illuminator assist light that help me to focus in dark scenes won't work in manual... This is a Sony limitation. Do you think you'll be able to make it possible to work? Thanks again!!!

  • Ma1co I just wanted to say that many people would be willing to donate if you can keep working on this and give us more features

  • All the wonderful, hard working coders - I would donate - it's huge for me! Thanks dudes!

  • @Italianshox @piotremanuel

    Good thing to understand that work is based on code and stuff made by many people for quite a time (last few years).

  • Tried it out on my NEX 5r and it says I can now record for 185 minutes. Happy Dance

  • Nice work, this will be useful. Thanks :D

  • Trying to install this on my A7sII after following all instructions but I keep getting a SSL Device error or Network error!

  • Great work! Is it possible to hack the usb charging when shooting, like the a7sii?

  • Wonderful. In my opinion it would be great. if it would be possible to change the recording to 60p with region europe, and not only 50p.

  • Nice job ! I just wandered if it would be possible to fix the recurent problem on the A7 that initilize some settings when you change the battery. For me, it turn on the "AF with shutter" / "AF w/ shutter" setting. And it's rellay annoying !

  • Very nice job ma1co, first working solution for the language limitation on gen3 devices, and it's very easy to use!

    Best birthday present for me ever! Thanks!