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TRD Beholder DS1 and EC1 gimbals for Canon/Nikon DSLR
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  • @Scot I get the same thing with my changed values. With original ones, it's even worst.

    I already opened my DS1, expecting a more standard printed board, but this one is custom made and I'm not sure we can install a BT module in there. I'll post a picture here because there are 4 points that could very well be a serial data connection (needed to connect a BT module). If that's the case, there's no need for anything else except a 5USD BT module...

  • @joepereira the flip out screen can cause vibrations too. Just change the angle of the screen. The vibration will stop. I'm using GH4 with Speedbooster and Samyang 16mm without pid tuning. The tilt angle is a bit limited with this configuration. You can also use the simple bgc android app and usb OTG cable on the hidden usb-port to control the gimbal with your phone.

  • @anti12 Thanks, I've seen that mention before. All my tests were done with screen flipped in, and didn't see bad behavior when I tried with flip out position (useful when shooting high or low, but in this position LCD is naturally angled)

  • @jopereira LOL were on the same page opened mine up too and came to same conclusion. Although I did not think there was anything that looked like a serial connection. Bit of a disappointment they chose to go this route especially in light of the upcoming Pilotfly H2 very frustrating. I also have to admit steering you wrong the original values for gain were not 255. I have a copy of the original settings from the factory and yours were set correctly. I have to admit all this PID setting is a black magic art. So many things confuse like why does each mode have different settings? That being said I went back played with factory settings found one mode worked better than others (no vibration) and changed all others to match and they seem fine. Real world tests tomorrow.

  • @Scot Ok, post your finding and the settings your using.

    About the board: there is no free connector available but those 4 points in the board makes me think that an "under development" BT module could be fitted there...

  • Here are some pictures of those 4 'test' points.

    DS1 a.jpg
    800 x 600 - 148K
    DS1 b.jpg
    800 x 600 - 144K
  • The size of them and the vbat identifier leads me to believe they are power inputs. That being said I believe the leads for the joystick can be used if set that way in the basecam software. Look at the bluetooth setup looks like there is more than one way to connect. Also refer to basecam manual. I will post my settings they now seem to be working fine

  • I also wanted to mention I updated the firmware to the most recent. It fixed the shaking when at the 45-90 degree position it appears to have been a bug. No clue why they are not suggesting people move to it. Of course do it at your own risk.

  • @Scot Vbat label should be for the connector upfront (from battery). Well, maybe I'll try something.

  • @jopereira The connector is under the board not on the top. You have to remove board to see it. I hope to have more information soon.

  • @Scot Do you have pictures of it? Do they have cables connected?

  • @Scot I missed your post concerning fw update. What version do you have now?

  • 2.56b7 it is the latest that the basecam software suggests. The connector for BT is under the board about where your thumb is in your pictures.

  • Did the upgrade, seems way better with original settings.

  • @jopereira That's great! Now all we need is to get bluetooth working and I'll be really happy.

  • A few pages back, someone mentioned issues with the NX1 + 16-50mm S lens. What's the latest on that? Is it doable on this gimbal?

  • @Scot and any others using the DS1 - I just picked one up from B&H used dept, as they have been backordered on new ones for some time now. Got it working pretty well for the most part, though I am pretty sure the previous owner had messed with the various profiles. Could you upload (google drive or wetransfer, etc) the default factory profiles (all 5 if you don't mind) as well as any you have created that work for certain setups? I am most interested in the GH4 and 12-35mm. Currently, all of my profiles are currently giving some subtle oscillations / shakes. It would be great to have a centralized database with profiles for different cam/lens combos. Thanks!

  • My review, mainly sample footage:

  • @grisnjam Are you using the extra plate at the bottom for the GH4 12-35? Do you have a setup video you could post?

  • @smoke32

    Yes I am using the provided quick plate, adding my own would not allow the camera to balance properly. I don't have a setup video but there are plenty out there on how to balance ect. Did you have a specific question/issue?

  • Made with GH4 and autofocus primes with Beholder MS1. Some shots stabilized at post.

  • Shot with LUMIX GH4, autofocus lenses and Beholder MS1 gimbal. No stabilizing at post, no slow motion! Used Lumix 42.5 1.7 OIS, Olympus 12mm 2.0, Olympus 25mm 1.8, Olympus 9mm 8.0 AF-C autofocus, auto exposition P mode. Lot of shots with Extended Tele mode. ISO 320 Graded with Magic Bullet Looks, filmstock Fujifilm 3521XD, grain 50%

  • New hear, but have been reading and following various threads for a while. Ordered DS1 from Owl Dolly. Can only say good things about my experience there. I've called and visited with them about my inability to balance. Still, it's not working well for me.

    I'm attempting to run my GH4 with 35-100 2.8. First issue is true balance. I can get a false balance where all axis return to the correct orientation when moved (unit off). However, I cannot get it to balance so that the camera remains oriented after moving the pitch or roll to a off level position. It appears my center of gravity with this set up simply won't allow it. Still, close enough I'd hope, but I'm getting the vibes off it.

    My other lens for this gimbal is the Olympus 9-18. Haven't sorted that one out yet.

    PID tuning attempted. Noticed that my Motor Configuration Pitch + setting was zero, where the Owl Dolly setting in their video was 130. I made that change and the performance may be better.

    Has anyone here successfully run either of these lenses? I'd very much like to make this DS1 work :-)

    Thans for your input!

  • DS1 new 2.59B3 firmware update

  • Hello to everyone! I`ve just received my new DS1 gimbal from an eBay seller in China.

    When trying it out for the first time, I noticed that the joystick is not working. There is no action when pressing any of the 5-way button, as well as there is no "command assignment" turning blue in the SimpleBGC GUI. The camera stabilization was working fine out-of-the-box though.

    I updated the firmware to latest beta 2.59B7 and of course lost all my PID and profiles :) because I did not back them up before this.

    Can someone please send me the original 2.59bx 5 Profiles?

    Also does anyone have any pictures of the wiring inside the handle so that I can compare to mine? I suspect that the Joystick connector cable is mounter wrong or maybe something is missing.

    I really don`t want to return it back to China as I have to shoot a wedding this weekend and would really want to use the gimbal.

    Thank you!