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TRD Beholder DS1 and EC1 gimbals for Canon/Nikon DSLR
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  • As I know, only IKAN rebranding on Beholder was licensed

  • As I know, only IKAN rebranding on Beholder was licensed

    What is exactly "licenses rebranding"?

  • Well, of course, as Ikan usually just resell products made by someone.

  • Does anyone know what Alexmos controller they use as in simple vs tiny or is it custome?

  • I would say is a custom one...

  • Hey, I own a A7S II and Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens. I'm thinking about getting the Beholder DS1. Do you think I will get this setup to work properly?

  • Probably. Depending on the weight of the Samyang, you might need to add a little weight behind the camera body to get the balance right. You could also ask TRD on their facebook page or send a note to owldolly. They're both pretty responsive.

  • I fly heavier sets up without issue. A7S II with 14mm will be fine.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - will there be any chance to have either the DS1 or the MS1 on PV deals in the future?


  • I'm having problems with original DS1 PID/power configurations, with lots of situation going on 'vibration mode' :( . I'm using GH4 + 14-140mm or GH4+20mm1.7. Has anyone changed those settings and what are the results?

  • that darren miles team rebel video sample with the beholder I would consider a fail. For me, way too much up down bounce and a very poor finished film.

    He boldly proclaims, "The results do not disappoint". err, yeah they do.

    Are they selling this thing or what?

    I've yet to be impressed by any one hand gimbal. That's probably why the big guy in the other video is diy-ing a second arm. Stability.

  • @chauncy

    The support is poor indeed. If it doesn't work well, you're alone.

    But I'm impressed with the potential these gimbals have. From getting steady shots with from stabilized systems (like my GH4+20mm) to smooth pans and other camera movements. A better grip can be achieved with a simple add-on support, but you can revert back and work with just one hand any time.

    Special/custom settings, anyone?

  • I have a DS1 and am pretty happy with it. Perhaps I don't have unrealistic expectations? I started with the factory calibrations which were ok. I did have a slight vibration issue but ran the auto calibrate and it worked well. I'm running the light Panasonic G7 with a Olympus 9-18 the most so far. Like any equipment you do need to understand it and practice. It and you are not perfect out of the box.

  • I don't know what people are talking about but there're video's on this thread on how to calibrate this gimbal to work on a smaller lighter camera. I used same videos to calibrate mine to work with the GH4 and GH3. If you use it with a heavier camera like Nikon or canon, it works flawlessly.

  • @Scot @HillTop1

    Just to see if we are in the same page :) ... Here are my original profiles 1 and 3. Please care to post yours to compare. I would love to see a configuration that does no produce vibrations at multiple working angles like the original ones do.

    Profile 1.png
    800 x 549 - 148K
    Profile 3.png
    800 x 551 - 158K
  • @jopereira, without me going any further you're using the wrong version. It shouldn't say version 3.0. You should be using 2.xx go watch the videos again. I'am not at home (out for work) and wouldn't be for a few days so I can't help you.

  • @HillTop1

    It should make no difference. All I need is PID/Power configurations from another DS1. Better if they are proved to work well with GH4+14140 or GH4+20mm.

    My versions are coincident with OwlDolly videos as per pictures.

    Owldolly Video.jpg
    1920 x 1075 - 175K
    Profile 1.png
    800 x 549 - 153K
  • @jopereira it makes all the difference as that's what the manufacturer says to use. That's the source of your vibration issues. I have no vibration issues with mine after calibrations.

  • I'm still ironing out my PIDs but I see you have the gain at 55 instead of 255 could that be an issue?

  • @jopereira, sorry I meant to ask about the firmware version. If you're running firmware 2.55b7, which seems like you're then you should be fine. I don't know why you're still having vibration issues. When I get back home later in the week I will certainly look at my settings. Also try putting a canon or nikon camera (obviously with a lens that can balance) and see if you still have vibration issues. If you do then there might be something wrong with your because the DS1 is made for cameras with that weight class. I have tried it with a nikon750 and the new 20mm f1.8 lens and it worked great without any need for calibrations.

  • @Scot

    Thanks for noting that. In fact, I think it helped a lot. Wondering why my DS1 was originally that way (the first thing I did when connected to a computer was saving original profiles, so I'm sure about that!).


    I appreciate that (post them here in a ZIP file).

    I encourage all to post configurations and in which camera/lens setup they work well.

  • If you wanna buy the external wired remote for your DS1/MS1 buy it from this guy, $15 cheaper than the other place. I bought my DS1 from him too.

  • And how about adding a bluetooth module to our DS1? Anyone?

  • @jopereira PID settings are specific to cameras and lens combos so not sure how helpful. My PID settings for a G7 with a Oly 9-18 mounted to DS1 with an arca swiss clamp G7 needed more weight and I was happy to be able to use my mount of choice. Roll P 100 / I .17 / D 100 Pitch P 30 / I .15 / D 35 Yaw P 60 / I .2 / D 100 That being said still working on understanding the process and slowly getting a handle on it. You must learn to use the monitors to see what is going on and get the right feel. So far these work great for me and even ok with 14-140 more testing needed. I still get some jitter when roll hits about 45-90 degrees can't figure how to stop that without screwing something else up so I accept it as nature of the beast. The only time I'm going to be that extreme is when changing orientation. I do wish there was blue tooth but they seemed to have left that off there circuit board very disappointing as I'm sure it would have cost little to include it. Though I would think you might be able to do it with a dongle? I will post a test and my DS1 rigged up as soon as I get a chance.