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TRD Beholder DS1 and EC1 gimbals for Canon/Nikon DSLR
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  • What USB port are you plugging into? To program the board you use the one behind a little plate on the camera tray.

  • @Panamedia A 1.5mm allen key is needed to remove the USB port cover plate.

  • Just got the DS1 gimbal today. Wanted to know whether anybody has got the Sigma 18-35+Metabones Speedbooster Ef-Mft+Panasonic GH4 combo working on it or is it too front heavy?

    Any PID settings alterations which might make it work?

    Would love to not have to spend more to buy a Tokina 11-16 to make it up and running. Thanks in advance.

  • its definitely too front heavy. I had the same problem with the NX1. There's no way to balance the camera because the center of gravity is too far forward.

  • @ do you say the NX1 with 16-50 S 2-2.8 is to heavy for the DS1?I think to buy one for this cam...

  • I guess we can always add a little weight to the back of the camera... not ideal, but possible since DS1 should be able to handle the total weight. DS1 is a compact gimble, and compact means small... :)

  • @jopereira

    The issue is getting the camera far enough back to balance with a large front lens. See this review where he demonstrates the issue:

    I have been flying a GH4 + 12-35 f2.8 over the holiday with the default PID with great success.

  • My point is you can add pure weight to the back so the whole set can be balanced. This is not ideal because it adds weight to the system but it may make possible other camera/ lens combinations not possible before.

  • @Panamedia, I'm using Mac and all the drives needed is in a link in a folder online. Will look for it when I have some chance, but it worked for me well.

    @club_irate, I have a sigma 18-35 and it doesn't balance on the DS1 with the GH4 because its to front heavy. I know for a fact a tokina 11-16 with matabone speed booster + GH4 can be balanced on it cuz I have seen a video.

    @jopereira, that is an idea worth trying but where and how will you add the weights?

    3 weeks update using the DS1 in hot dry and dusty conditions. It's very solid and very reliable. For comparison, I used a ronin M for 2 days before and the DS1 is a more reliable tool for run and gun. I like how you can start the DS1 in almost any position. The only thing I don't like will be battery. They don't last long, probably 2 hours of continuous use.

  • That would be a DIY job. I guess I would add a thin base between DS1 and camera and then add the weights to the back of that base (custom made). A nicer idea would be TRD selling extended arms that would allow other setups. It's a shame that balance (and not the weight) is the limiting factor in this product.

  • @HillTop1 @jopereira Use the cameras hotshoe to add a little weight to the back.

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  • Good ideia! I'll see when I get my DS1, but I guess I should be able to balance my GH4 with 14-140mm without adicional weight.

  • @anti12, can't work, no how. The sigma 18-35mm is just too front heavy to balance on the DS1. like @jopereira said, the limiting factor is balancing not weight. By the way 14-140mm will balance with no problem.

    Something you can also do with the DS1 and zoom lens ( Olympus 12-40mm) is it still work just fine when you zoom in on the lens. When you balance a the lens say at 12mm and camera on the DS1, if you extend the zoom to the 40mm while the DS1 is still on, the motors are strong enough to counter the new "off balance" from the lens.

  • @HillTop1 - I'm seeing a lot of vertical bounce in the video review above - what's your experience so far? Thanks

  • @mrbill It has a lot to do with technique, I have had pretty good success in minimizing the bounce and will post some samples soon.

  • @mrbill, like @grisnjam said, its all about technique and I think I have dial mine down to the point were vertical bounce is almost eliminated.

  • Is there a 1/4" mounting option on the grip? I'm using a ninja blade recorder for all my gh4 stuff. Thanks again

  • @paglez - that's exactly what I was hoping for. Good find!

  • Just received mine and there are angles at which oscillations occurs (I've just tried my GH4 with 20mm Panasonic lens, a lightweight setup).

    1. What is the software you are using to adjust PID/power settings (I've tried *** but it says wrong board type/version)

    2. Is there really a BT module in this gimbal?

  • @jopereira this is what I used and mine is working like a champ Download drives from here

    download software from here

    Uses this video to help you tune it

    If you mean BT module by meaning Bluetooth, then no there's no Bluetooth module. There's gonna be a remote coming out soon that will connect directly to the gimbal via a wire. It's not the best when I was using this gimbal for my project last month I would have loved to have Bluetooth module or that remote.

  • Also the DS-1 comes with two PID profiles setup for lighter weight cameras. These can be accessed by pressing the tiny button on the camera plate front 3 or 4 times. 3 is for follow mode and 4 is locked pitch mode.

    I found these settings to still be too much for the GX7 + 12mm so I dropped the power a bit and used the auto tune feature for the PID settings, as shown here:

    After doing each axis twice I had a stable system.

  • @HillTop1 and @grisnjam Great info.

    Now, why there is a reference to Bluetooth/Android app in many (all?) listing of this gimbal? :(

  • Beholder DS1 is being sold under different names such as Ikan, XT-Xinte and Camkitmate. Is it the same product or do they have variation between manufacturers?