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RICOH KR-10 OR MINOLTA X-300s, what would you recommend, what should I BUY ?
  • Hi!! I am planning to buy my first (manual) analog camera and trying to decide which one to buy. I have done a little research and discovered these two. I have a propositions of

    RICOH KR-10 + RICOH XR RIKENON 1:2 f=50mm L

    or minolta X-300s Minolta 3.5 28mm

    When it comes to X-300s Minolta I also have a possibility to choose one of those lenses: MD ROKKOR 45/2 or MD Tokina 28/2,8.

    Which one would you recommend? I am just starting my adventure with the analog photography and I need a good and easy gear I can get to know really well and appreciate extensively during (especially ) this year and the years to come.

    Thank you for your thoughts and opinions !!!!

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  • Question very unusual.

    Something wrong with manual mode on digital cameras?

  • Which one feels better in your hands? That's probably the one to get.

  • Nothing wrong with it if you are using a digital camera :) i need an analog.