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Design a Perfect Camera
  • I agree with most of what was said in the video especially the connectivity portion. The DNG files for raw really makes sense and I have no clue why the camera manufactures don't just settle on one format once and for all. The lens mount is debatable but makes sense because Canon has the largest share of the market. In regards to DSLR's losing more and more market share, it comes down to the simple fact that people always carry their phones with them and sometimes it is a nuisance to carry around a camera. Add in the fact that the phones can actually take pretty good pictures and that people just want to capture that particular moment. They don't really care about dynamic range, depth of field, white balance etc all they care about is capturing the moment with the least amount of trouble.

    Chime in with your thoughts ;-)

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  • @Azo

    One thing that is missing - understanding capitalism laws, so you don't have to tell things that are impossible.