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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • Panasonic selling V-LOG versions for G7 and GX8 in 3, 2, 1... or not, wait.

  • The performance in still to ISO 8,000 is very good, and very acceptable between 16,000 and 20,000in this test, ok, isnt a A7S, but the shots are made with lens not very fast f3.5-5.6, I like see if keep that efficiency in video recording in low light conditions.

  • @jirab I was using a 64 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro, but that shouldn't matter. I'm not sure why the cameras sold here do not have the time limitation, as I never got a clear answer myself. They are international models, so maybe that makes a difference? In any case, the camera works fine, and there isn't a 30 minute limit. Sorry I don't have any more information!

  • Is it true that the hdmi does not work when recording? Don't want to use a recorder but want to use a external monitor with Jib or copter. If so is the wifi function workable solution to a tablet or to much delay? Or is there a lower resolution AV out?

  • Well after a lot of searching it seems it does not support the HDMI during recording. That really sucks and seems senseless crippling. It still leaves my other questions does AV out work during recording and/or does the WiFi App work or does it have to much delay?

  • Well no one replied that being said I have answers to share. HDMI will not work for anything but playback same goes for the AV out. This is a real disappointment the G7 being so light it was a natural to fly. With no way to view what the camera sees it severely limits the cameras utility (A feature I get on a $60.00 action cam). As to the Android Image App the delay is not to bad so I'd consider it usable for Jib work but it only gives you a half screen view so not great. If anybody from Panasonic is listening please reconsider your decision on this. I'd go so far as to say charge me like vlog for GH4 if you have too but give me unlimited recording as well and as long as I'm dreaming Anamorphic video settings. There will still be many features to compel people with bigger budgets to get the GH4 no reason to cut so deeply in the G7 feature set.

  • @scot I think you might consider using WIFI to follow the drone live. the G7 has a fine way to be controlled remote via your phone (either android or iphone). The distance might be a problem though.

  • @bjarne The App is definitely a solution for Jib work though an option to view full screen would be nice it is workable. I was concerned with delay but that does not appear to be to much of an issue. Side benefit of camera control so maybe just buy a bigger tablet.

    It looks like an external recorder works as well when not recording to sdcard so an expensive work around. Anyone know what type of signal is sent out the HDMI is it 8 bit or 10 bit etc. ?

  • I now have the USA Panasonic G7, and can confirm that in AVCHD, 24p and a 64gb card, the maximum recording time is shown as just under 6 hours. MP4 is limited <30 minutes.

    Furthermore, with a fresh Panasonic battery, I was able to record AVCHD continuously for 3 hours and 36 minutes before the camera beeped and shut itself down. This was with a Canon FD 50mm 1.4 lens (cheap Fotasy adapter), manual focus, Cinelike D, 24p, 25 shutter, iso 1600, with the display turned off.

    With an aftermarket battery (ChiliPower DMW-BLC12 from Amazon), I got 2 hours and 47 minutes with the same settings.

    In both cases, the camera properly shutdown and the end of the recording turned out fine.

    This camera is a champ for long video shoots!

  • Has anybody of you any experience with the Metabones Speedbooster XL on the G7? Looks very promising.

  • Very sad they limited HDMI out like they did with the G6 :-/

  • G7 with Olympus 25/1.8 and Panasonic 12-35

  • @Brother, very good.

    I have found this.

  • DpReview now want to do same as EISA did years ago (I mean - invent tons of categories and make top of winners).

    The G7 disguises itself as just another entry/mid-level ILC but, more so than almost any of its rivals, it's as much a video camera as it is a stills camera. Above and beyond the specifications, it's the well-implemented touchscreen interface and relatively high bitrate video capture that make the G7 such a nice camera to shoot video with. The Micro Four Thirds lens mount means that the G7 can be used with a wide variety of lenses, including cine lenses via adaptor, or provide excellent image quality with the system's own lenses.

  • Hi! I did a quick test this morning with the cinelike-d picture style, with all parameter set to -5, in order to test filmconvert with the gh4 profile. I have worked with the GH4 in two videoclips that I haven´t finished yet, and I can say that the image quality in 4k is the same, if not better, because I think the G7 have less noise in the shadows than the GH4.

  • I didn't find the 30 minute restriction to much of a problem but the 4 GB limit is a royal pita and works out to about 6 minutes. You can rejoin the clips but that takes some processing time and some management on your part to remember what needs to be rejoined. Had I realized I probably would not have bought it. Is there any way to rejoin clips automatically?

  • I didn't find the 30 minute restriction to much of a problem but the 4 GB limit is a royal pita and works out to about 6 minutes.

    It is not specific camera thing. It originates from FAT restrictions, and even for exFAT almost all cameras do the same.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I did not know that! So even the GH4 would give you 10 separate files for a 60 minute shot that you have to join together? Is there any quality loss in the joined files?

  • Today I was converting 4K files with the Lumix app and was confused. The 2 things I discovered is it appears to turn my originally shot 23.976 fps files into 29.970 fps files at least that's what Resolve is showing me. Am I doing something wrong or is that the way it is. The other thing I noted is I converted a file from 4K to FHD MP4 and FHD MOV the MOV file appears true to the original in Resolve but the MP4 version has an obvious increase in contrast. Anyone know whats going on there? Probably should add I'm working on a PC. Appreciate any insights.