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Sony PXW-FS5 4K camcorder on IBC 2015
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  • Is it reasonable to suspect Sony may offer (paid, likely) firmware updates for things like higher bitrates, 4k 60p or 10-bit, CineEl, etc in the future to make it just a little bit more like the FS7?

  • They could have done dual card RAID implementation for higher bitrates...

    RAID means specific thing, I think here idea is to use just parallel recording and later combine files.

  • They could have done dual card RAID implementation for higher bitrates...

  • @Sangye

    Sometimes you might not need the recorder.. and if you buy a good recorder you can use it for a few years. It has a better longevity than the cams right now. We invested in an Odyssey 7q+ last winter, and that will come in handy, both for recording and monitoring for quite a while still. I hear what you say, wanting something all-in-one but this is just how it is at the moment. A lot of people who shoot with the fs7 opt to record externally (for some stuff) anyway..

  • I don't buy it. They could have easily enabled at least 240Mbps and just required better SD cards. SanDisks fastest UHS-II can handle 2000Mbps write speeds while their lower end Extreme Pro series can handle 600Mbps, and even cheap PNY cards can manage 400Mbps. 100Mbps is a joke for 4k.

    Requiring an external recorder to get halfway decent image quality obviates the benefits of a smaller camera. I'd rather get a used FS7 for the same price as a new FS5 + 4K recorder.

  • @sangye Ive heard varying reports but I think there may be 10-bit 422 out if so with an external recorder its an Fs7 minus 4k 60p. I think optimizing lower end cameras via external recording is just how these Sony is trying to differentiate their different cameras without cannabalizing their product lines. Personally I think the size difference between these cams is enough, they should have really optimized it. However its possible the size necessitated SD cards, which imposes many limitations.

  • It's quite typical though, and I expect this kind of thing to continue for a while - that we'll see cheaper good cameras that are limp in one way or another.

    Fingers crossed it will be possible to get raw output. The difference in the fs700 (internal, external recording) is night and day.

  • Too bad the codec sucks. It's insane to me that in 2015, camera manufacturers are releasing $5000+ 4K cameras that are limited to 100Mbps. That's simply not enough.

  • What are the major downsides of Long GOP?

  • The spec sheet claims 3G-SDI max, which is not 4K resolution

    No detail yet on the HDMI output spec.

  • I looked at the specs and it seemed like the sdi port could not handle the data rate of 4k raw, although in the vid above "the camera store hands on preview" they say you can get a raw output.. I have to assume I was mistaken (until proven otherwise).

  • It seems like the sdi out is a bit crippled. Too bad!

    How so?

  • All the footage looks pretty shit so far, but according to "the camera store" vid you can get raw signal out. Now that could mean it is possible to get a completely different image out of the camera.. Looking forward to some tests of that and to see someone skilled wield it.

  • It seems like the sdi out is a bit crippled. Too bad!

  • Damn, no 10-bit UHD or Cine EI. Having worked on a feature film recently with the FS7 that predominantly lived on a Ronin, the shorter length of the FS5 is a welcome feature.

    But I'd have to have to use their normal Custom color matrix that wouldn't have the filmic look from Cine EI with SLOG3.cine. The launch video seems to have more of that video-ish Sony look so far.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev It looks like a previous Sony camera release had similar tech and they describe the system as including both conventional filter and LCD "dimming" panel.