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Unique: Design Your Own Gear Contest
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  • Looks like TrusMT is going to create something Vitaliy has modelled the way this contest is going! :-D
  • @Retina

    I am not taking part. Just to be clear.
    As it will be unfair.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev: I understand. :-) I wonder if anyone else is making anyone but hasn't mentioned it here yet. I might give it a shot, my back is feeling slightly better...

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev unfair is a poor design sold to consumers. You'd help us all out with a better design. That's fair.
  • @Vitaliy
    is that counterweight design or sth similar anywhere on the market to buy? I've trying and trying to find a proper 15mm counterweight without having to buy whole rig systems but it's impossible to find anything. Also about Weifeng/Ningbo: any plans for people to be able to buy any of their newer rods stuff in the next decade? :)
  • @stefanos

    I think it is just imporper topic for both questions. :-)
    Weight is produced by Weifeng, it is just very accurate model that is shown.
  • image

    Accurate model of Weifeng QR plate for FC-04H head.
    800 x 445 - 43K
  • Accurate model of Weifeng light camera base


    Original (under different angle and old version without thumbscrew for heigh adjustment) :

    800 x 589 - 57K
  • @vitaliy Great Job on the Weifeng light camera base
  • Monitor arm

    800 x 529 - 35K
  • Weifeng rig:


    I did not finished shoulder pad yet, few things still need to be done.
    800 x 484 - 54K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I have an idea for a quick & easy mobile rain / windcover..
    1. Do you know if Trusmt have access to manufacturing fabrics also (a necessary part of the concept) ?
    2. Would you be interested in making a 3d model if I supply detailed vector blueprints in pdf ? Given you like the idea, of course.
    (Learning 3d modeling seems like too much work for me right now, unfortunately)
  • Don't really have the spare time, but I would make a new system built around square rods. Seriously, how did round rods that can slip and thumb screws that can loosen become the standard?
  • You have way more ways of modification with round rods and I don't have problems with parts slipping as long as the thumb screws are tightened down well.
  • the loosen problem with rods is due to lack of thin rubber sheet between the rod and the clamp. The rubber creates an elastic feel that you do not need to really tightened much that cause the looseness of the thumb screw. you can add a very small rubber sheet inside the ring where it touches the rod.
  • My own designs?

    I'm still working on some newer ones. Currently a battery-grip that does way
    more then power the camera and some modifications to a foldable shoulder-rig.

    (Of cause that "right to produce such items in large scale" is bound to a sensible recompense.)

    Vitaly: How did you design the inside of that monitor arm to clamp down on the outher ball-heads when the center bolt is tightened?

    (You can find the CAD-files exportabe from Alibre to STEP, IGES, Solidworks,... on my links as well as technical drawings that often include movable 3D models in the PDF.)
  • @Marcus

    Thanks for your info.

    Marcus, this is contest topic, hence I edited your message to amke it smaller, as first link leads to all the else.
    All the terms are in top post.
  • I don't have the skills to do it, but I think it would be great if someone would design a top plate for the Weifeng light camera base that was custom to the GH2 to prevent the camera from rotating... something similar to the idcphotovideo solution.
  • @tvpglabs

    This is not Weifeng contact :-) so they won't be interested in it.
  • a GOOD custom GH2 release plate system would be very welcome. I am thinking back to this last summer at my internship using their 5DIIs, they had plates by the company "really right stuff" that were custom fit to the 5D body, 100% preventing any rotation whatsoever. Something like that integrated onto a high quality cage would be amazing.
  • Really Right Stuff does have a GH2 plate. Mine should be delivered by Friday, but it forces you to convert all of your tripods and mounting points to an arca swiss standard, which can be quite expensive.
  • oh, I would not bother converting the tripod, as angle is not critical there. Where it is critical is on rails when a matte box, ff, lens support or what have you are involved.
  • I'm not anywhere near experienced enough in CAD modelling to design this, but had an idea. It would be incredibly useful to have M4/3 adapters for long-flange mounts with build in NDs. The long flange distance should give enough space to fit the NDs and a switching mechanism between the camera and the lens, thus giving us AF100-like ND control on the GH2. Should also be possible for e mount, too.

  • @Ptchaw did you see my PM?

  • @Ptchaw great idea! anyone with design skills out there? :) Seriously, that could really make it faster and potentially chaper to work with NDs (one of my biggest hassles when changing betweeen deffirent lenses on a compact GH2 rig)