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Which of these will give me the best image quality (Detail)
  • I have tested all of these, but I have not have had time to use them extensively. Can any long term users advise on which of these will deliver the best Image quality.

    Moon T7 Moon T8 Driftwoods 176MBit/s hack Driftwoods 244MBit/s hack

    I dont not care about stability at this point, as I am only going to use these shots for B-Roll. Also, will the 244Mbit/s hack give me more flexibility when grading the image, realistically, or will i not see a difference


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  • Moon T8 is the latest and will be ideal for you. Grading is limited by the 8 bit codec and not the bitrate.

  • I found Moon T7 to be a bit more detailed than T8 in my testing.

  • Sedna. Of the handful of Driftwood's patches I've tried (not all so extensively), this was the sharpest regarding details.
    Sedna has a very fine noise pattern (more "resilient" than moon) which after denoising (3200//6400) is still able to preserve structural details. When I'm done with Valkyrie (GOP3) is the one I'm coming back to... Mind you I find it may work well with my kind of shooting and WF, yours is probably different. Lenses might play an important role too... I foresee Sedna working well with non native µFT lenses
    Just an opinion +)

  • @caveport You never had to grade a shot full of tree's leafs in the wind with a low bitrate. Forget all hope with that macroblock party going on, all you can do is hide the mess with a blur node and flatten but sharpen and luma contrast are out of the equation. Unless you got taste for showing macroblock of course.

  • Low bitrate is making it much worse, but 8 bit is a serious limitation without a doubt.

  • @GeoffryKennar Yes I have. Many times. Once the bitrate is high enough (over about 70-80 mbit/s as indicated in the original post) and the codec is intra-frame, the sampling scheme becomes the limiting factor. I was referring to the patches listed in the original post, not a general discussion of patches and grading.