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GH2 Video Settings vs. D5200 Video Settings
  • This is not intended to ask the question "which is better" or "this is better" - just an observation I've noticed to see if anyone has more ideas of what may be going on. I've been trying to shoot some comparison footage between my GH2 and D5200, both using the stock zoom lens. I'm shooting with shutter priority and shutter speed of 1/50. I did this because I think these were good base settings for 24p / Sanity video recording on my gh2. What I'm getting though on my GH2 is a tremendous amount of noise, even in well-lit indoor scenes - and in low-light (subway) it is almost unbearable. I tried similar settings on my d5200, and the difference is literally night and day. Now I know the d5200 has a toshiba sensor that handles low-light much better, but I feel like there must be something else I'm missing. I keep on trying to pick up my gh2 and shoot video on it, and I feel like in basically every scene the ISO is like off the charts. AFAIK, it also appears that it won't even tell me what ISO it is using, it juts says "auto". Any thoughts or ideas if I'm doing something wrong? Or does the GH2 really require that much additional light.

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  • You know about the GH2 ISO bug, right? I haven't owned a GH2 in like 2 years so can't remember the details but you can google it and find workarounds, if that's the issue.

  • Stick to the iso row that has 200, 400 etc etc. Otherwise you may encounter the iso bug.

  • Thanks guys for the really late reply. Ultimately I actually ended up upgrading to the D5300 and dealing with the Nikons quirks over the GH2. This is for a creative film project I'm doing on so I'm a bit of newbie to all of this. Thanks for the ideas.