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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Where is the v-log in the 2.2 update?

  • it isn't out yet, and word is that when it comes, it will be a paid upgrade.

  • @mrbill where are those rumours from? Would it have to do with taking your camera in to be upgraded by a tech similar to the fs700 slog2 upgrade, or just a cash grab?

  • The GH4 is an amazing camera, not perfect, but once you know how to work with its limitations, it will give you great, sharp 4K videos.

  • We shot a music video for legendary Israeli group T-Slam using the GH4. What a lovely camera. Tech details in the video's description.

  • Izash....can you please post your setting and lenses used in your video?

  • Sure @PierreB.
    Natural profile, -5, -2, -1, -5, 0. Highlight 0, Shadows -2, Master Pedestal 0.
    Mostly shot with a Helios 44-2 with a poor man's Speedbooster. The stage scene was shot using a a Lumix 12-35mm/f2.8 lens.

  • On what shutter speed do you recommend to shoot 96 fps?

  • @Alexauwa I try to follow the 180 degree rule, meaning that at 96fps I would use a shutter speed of 1/200.

  • This was shot in April 2015 using a Panasonic GH4 camera at 60fps and 200mbps, using a standard color profile and the following lenses: Panasonic 14-45, 45-175, and Olympus 60mm macro as well as a 75-300.

  • I really like this Davis Creek Hike. You have raised the bar for me. I will get out my GH4 today and try shooting at 200Mbps What were your in-Camera settings? What ISO did you use?

  • Our company had the pleasure of shooting this video for one of the biggest mining companies in the world. GH4 + Rokinon lenses. Portrait setting.

  • RRRoger, ISO was dictated by lighting conditions in the woods. However, I tried to stay below 1000. Color profiles used was standard. Color correction in post was white balance and levels to tweak the look. Time lapse look in some water scenes was done in post with a "motion blur" filter.

  • Thanks natureflixs good to know. most informative is your ISO limit as I have been getting really poor results over 1600 ISO.

  • @RRRoger You will get horrible noise if using CineD/high ISO combo if it is even slightly underexposed. Natural and Portrait profiles hold up way better at higher ISO settings.

  • Hey guys, perhaps you might advise me on my predicament. In the middle of the shoot, my GH4's HDMI output crapped out. Not completely, but it seems like now it outputs HDMI signal that is below standard. For example, Odyssey 7Q or Marshall 5" monitors no longer see it; but Alphatron does, and cheap Chinese-made HDMI switcher seemingly amplifies it to the level that allows aforementioned Odyssey/Marshall get the proper signal through that switcher. Is this a known issue? Anything I can do to rectify it (settings?), or do you think it is a hardware failure and warranty repair is in order?

  • @mo7ies - impossible to say, but you wouldn't be the first to have problems with this awful micro-hdmi port. Get a repair sooner rather than later, imho. Does your cage have an hdmi cable lock?

  • Report of visit Eyal Yanilov (chief-instructor Krav-Maga, Israeli) to Novosibirsk . Shot on two GH4, Samyang 10, 24, 85, Nikkor 50 1.2. Proam crane Orion ( Crane without counter balance, even so do not bad working, very good crane!) . Premier Pro.

  • @estarkey7 You are so right on the money. Even just the other day I was able to get a much better result in a reasonably low light room at 1600 ISO using Portrait and Natural than with Cine-D. In fact I even used iDynamic on low along with Natural, and it still was less noisy, far better looking than Cine-D.

    I am convinced that a lot of the hoopla and misinformation that the GH4 is no good in low light, no good above 800 ISO...from many users ..incl higher profile users like Philip Bloom, James Miller because they mainly used Cine-D and never really learnt properly what the camera is capable of. Its no A7s in low light obviously, but if you arent planning to shoot bats in caves, its great for 99% of stuff.

    Look at @izash video...shot in Natural...beautiful footage (I have commented on this a few times). I have had my GH4 for ages and used it a lot, the GH4 is an amazing camera, but there is a learning curve..if you want to get good results.

  • GH4 noise is complicated thing. It is a compromise of dynamic range and noise. It is good to have as much light to sensor as possible with desired highlight level or clipping. When there is no luxury of enough light you must choose between high iso/low dynamic range or low iso/ better dyn range/more noise.

    If you choose stronger profiles like standard or portrait and contrast 0 you get darker image than with cineD -5 and you can expose more. Highlights may clip but you are generally far from bottom noise and the image is clean.

    I still prefer flat looking natural -5 contrast and 1/3 ev underexposure. It looks good and I can add NR in post if needed. I have tested natural -3 contrast and Highlight -2 and 0 exposure. It gives cleaner image but is not so natural looking.

  • Just wondering if there's a way to save all the custom settings I made for GH4.

    Say I'd like to transfer them to another camera, or just back them up. Some other cameras allow you to save custom profiles/settings on SD card.

    Is there a way to do so on GH4?

  • @mo7ies

    You can write those settings to paper:)

    I have wondered the same thing long time and suggested it with some wish lists. It would be nice feature to save the whole camera setup in one menu and with names like "indoors", "outdoors", "tele", etc. I normally shoot videos and photos and I use fullhd, 4k, ex-tele, sunny, cloudy... I try to program my C-memories for current session but there is too few of them.