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GH4 Music Video: T-Slam - Stop aiming at me
  • A music video that I directed for my band T-Slam.
    We're about to play a big concert with the Israeli Symphony Orchestra, so we decided to have fun with the classical theme.
    Shot with the GH4, Natural profile, Helios 44-2 with a poor man's Speedbooster and a Lumix 12-35mm/f2.8 lens.
    Edited with FCPX 10.2

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  • Absolutely FANTASTIC many people get caught up in the pros and cons of this Camera is better than that on forums and forget that its the person behind the camera that counts for 80% of the result. Your work is really awesome..I love the shots, love the clarity, color depth...everything!! You are a master of the GH4, that could have easily been an Alexa, Red Dragon or whatever else...GREAT JOB!!

  • Fabulous work, Bravo! Yet another example of it's not the equipment, it's the skillz of the person behind the equipment.

  • @Astro @HillTop1 Thank you very much!