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NAB 2015
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  • @rNeil I'd be interested to find out the approx. crop factor of the new Blackmagic sensor at 4.6K, UHD and 1080P. I can't seem to find it in the specs or on the their forum. Also wonder if they are considering offering the Ursa Mini in a micro 4/3 mount for better flange distance/lens options.

  • @Tron

    It's super35 they've stated several times and it is in spec sheet on their website. The sensor is super35, so why would they have m4/3 mount? E-mount though would be a nice alternative!

  • @maxbrand For the same reason JVC stuffed an S35 sensor in an MFT mount, it fits and is not proprietary. All of the recording resolutions are windowed within the 4608 x 2592 sensor and the 4.6K sensor is also physically wider than the older 4K sensor, so it makes sense to ask them what crop factor is in play for each respective resolution.

  • A true S-35mm sensor is too big for µFT.

  • @HillTop1

    I'm noting your questions on my Evernote on my smartphone. We'll see how smart I am at getting you an answer. My time at NAB today will be spent largely around the Adobe booth ... and I think BM is right close like last year.


  • @rNeil, while I don't have any specific questions for you, I just wanted to recognize how nice it is of you to volunteer helping out like this. Thanks!!

  • @Tron ... will ask your questions also.

    @tosvus ... we all try to help when we can, no?

    To all ... there is a LOT more new stuff here than there's been any "notable" accounts about, as simply there are SO many companies making stuff it's very hard for them to break through & get noticed. Just as a for instance, in the section of things like cages, rigs, rails & such ... there's probably at least 20 companies making similar stuff I've never heard of, and every one of them has something they've thought of doing in a different way than somebody else. There just isn't time to study them all. Central hall alone (of three different halls, one with two floors of show!) has what, a thousand businesses with booths or something like that?

    Highly recommend if you're into video/production at ALL, that you take a vacation to Vegas sometime and stop in at NAB even just for a couple days at the tradeshow. It's amazing ... toys, toys toys ... um tools ... and more toys ... ;-)


  • @rNeil you're spot on, the size is overwhelming and it's hard to know what to pay attention to as you make your way around. Thousands of products to see.

  • Thanks @rNeil I really appreciate your help!

  • The Aputure EF to Micro 43 (And Sony E-Mount) lens adapter and wireless follow focus was very cool

  • @Xenocide38 ... yea, that lens adapter with focus grip is the first time I've ever seen something that made me wish I had Canon mount glass!

  • Just a note on the GH4 v-log. It is still 8 bit recorded internally BUT the HDMI out is uncompressed 10 bit. Still in an H.264 wrapper, but uncompressed.

  • Big shout out to rNeil - some great reporting

  • My impressions from using the Freefly Systems Mimic. Movi is quite expensive but the Mimic method for controlling framing is very smart. Much easier and more intuitive than joysticks

  • Looks like they abandoned the URSA HDMI. Shame for A7S users. Can someone at the show ask them?

  • Just like DJI, here is another camera gimbal manufacturer attends in the NAB show and unveils 4 new hand-held camera stabilizers and 1 wireless thumb controller.

    A variety of cameras ranging from large size to small one can find its matched gimbal from MOZA. MOZA Pro designed for professional cinematographers can support camera and lens ranging from Micro Four Thirds cameras to RED Epics. The Lite is a lightweight gimbal compatible with mirrorless cameras and common DSLRs up to Canon 5D. MOZA Mini comes in two versions: one supports for GoPro and the other for Sony action cameras.

    Gudsen Tech NAB Show 03.jpg
    800 x 600 - 57K
  • Thank you, @rNeil for this great reporting.

  • @kevin_kirchman Who wants to carry such an expensive heap of metal as a recorder only? It's just common sense to drop such a stupid idea. I really had to check the date when I first saw that – felt like an April's fool…

  • After two days at NAB, I was accused of having an all night drinking bout! Thousands of huge CamCorders, Thousands of Drones, Thousands of Cameras and Audio Equipment, and Thousands of booths full of products that I had no idea how to make use of. I am just a photographer that likes to take videos of the Church Service. We would have to double our total annual budget just to do a poor job of BroadCasting!

    I was amazed at the quality and expense of the displays! Imagine "Hands On" expensive equipment with professional models and sets to shoot at.

  • @RRRoger ... the show is kind of overwhelming, isn't it? Second year for me, and I'm a lot better at it than last year. There are more companies making/selling any type of gear that you've never heard of ... it's amazing. Some of this is for full broadcast networks and the prices of "Your one-stop solution to everything" is ... rather high. And some are trying to get in under the other 57 booths with exactly the same type of product.