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Bricked GH1 advice
  • Was applying a hack patch and accidentally nudged the lens release button during the firmware upgrade - short story, camera bricked. Has anybody had similar happen, and is there hope that a dealer service might restore the camera to life?

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  • Hi, happened to me last week, managed to get it repaired under warranty. Go to panasonic website and follow links for service.
  • Thanks -no warranty for me sadly
  • @mrbill ok, still fixable but believed that had to replace the main PCB - Not sure if this is costly or not but you can ask about...
  • @mrbill I know the camera says not to press any buttons when upgrading, but I'm surprised that bricked it! Worth being extra careful then...
  • Some programmers are just lazy :-)
    Because they need to skip button processing instead of writing this wonderful message.
    As well as do not allow updating using power adapter, btw.
  • I get so nervous whenever I apply a patch. I hit update and then step away from the camera and I make sure the cam is someplace it won't accidentally get bumped or moved. Also is there a limit to how many times it can be patched? I've patched my GH1 around 8-9 times, and last thing I want is to be stuck on experimental settings and can't revert to a stable patch.
  • @CRFilms - I swapped between patches on a regular basis depending on what I was shooting, so I wouldn't worry about about how many times you can patch. Just don't hit any buttons during the update..
  • Sheesh - 220 pounds to fix. Be warned!!
  • stupid question but, is it safe to patch when there is no lens attached to the body?
  • Yes, done it many times
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