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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera for drone, $995
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  • the old pickle in the salad is....drone cameras want wide angle....and how you going to get wide angle on a s16 sensor ? The samyang 7.5mm is about all there is ....light enough for flying.

  • @peaceonearth

    Just give it time.

    Action and drone cameras are best sectors in camera shipments. All major manufacturers working on offerings.

    BM is just faster.

  • I guess the question now is ,can the phantom fly this and a light wide pancake lense and if yes for how long ,I guess we shall find out .

  • In Germany there is a 5kgs limit for commercial general flight license. It would be a no brainer to get this Micro cam on a drone and stay under 5kgs. The Phantom2 GoPro has about only 1,3kgs. I always wondered why there was no manufacturer who filled this gap with a better camera than the GoPro or Phantom Vision.

  • Feeling excited!