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Video recorder, Prores, H265 and a palm size computer from 1.395 EUR
  • Just a recorder just a PC, with full uncompressed (not raw, full AVI uncompressed) 4K & UHD 8-10 Bit for Next S & P, Motion JPEG, Prores, VP9 and H265.

    A 4K video recorder & computer, a portable palm size fully functional 64-Bit Industrial Intel based computer, at 185x180x40mm (will be 185x175x40), full of RAM, lightning fast (USB 3, SSD 6G integrated), full of Space (1TB), crazy simple to use, with a 7" (6.7") HD touch screen, decklink powered (yes, blackmagic), windows 8.1, internet (wifi and bluetooth) and a full customizable device, upgradeable, long life and with hundreds of apps out there ..

    From 2.295€ to 2.995€, being the more expensive featuring 1TB and 16GB DDR with HDMI & SDI inputs, and a software pack valued at 650€.. just a complete kit, but Im happy to know from today from Alex, that there will come 3 basic versions too, more cheaper, to try to let to know the people a better compare to current recorders, so I must say that Cinemartin Next S will be available at 1.395€, 1.695€ and 1.895€ with differences on software inside, capture inputs/outputs and DDR/SSD.

    Photos from todays 2nd unit:

    Link to press release: Link to website: (some areas under construction, only home and FAQ at this moment)

    Yesterday hands-on video by Alex testing a prototype, showing uncompressed 4K recording:

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  • Today Cinemartin received the pre-production first unit. They said top of the lince (pictures) have better performance and quality features than Oddissey and Shogun, for a little more price

    3264 x 1836 - 1M
    1152 x 2048 - 611K
    1152 x 2048 - 648K
  • Video Review and hands on

  • *4K recordings are currently limited to approx of 25-35 seconds per shoot. You can record as many shots as you like but 4K are limited to 25-35 seconds.

    That's a pretty big restriction.

  • And form factor could be a nightmare. It is more like a heavy brick

  • Hi "*4K recordings are currently limited to approx of 25-35 seconds per shoot." will be resolved as stated " This limitation will be resolved with a upgradeable new internal SSD drive available fall 2015." Form factor is about the same as other recorders (same as shogun and oddyssey only 4cm more higher). It weights 1.5 Kilo so it is not heavy, hey you get a recorder and a computer, with a high brightness display !

  • That looks substantially larger than a Shogun and 1.5kg would be twice the weight of a shogun loaded with batteries and a drive... and it doesn't look like it has an internal battery so I'm assuming that 1.5kg would be before the addition of a battery. In addition, the only storage available is internal so on set, one would have to hook up an external USB 3 device to transfer clips to prevent the internal storage from filling. Awkward vs swapping cards/drives and handing them off to someone else to run over to dump on a laptop stored out of the way.

    And it's not even remotely clear why someone would want their external monitor/storage device to be a full-blown PC. There's a lot to be said for small purpose-built hardware that does a small number of things very well.

    Edit: Oh yeah. There also seem to be fan holes in the side. Seems suboptimal for any sort of on-camera audio recording once those suckers start to spin up.

  • What is the resolution of the display?

  • I hate dubious marketing. And claiming the unit is palm-sized then posting a cropped picture of the unit taken from an angle that conceals its full size with a hand outstretched to suggest a relative likeness is nothing short of dubious.

  • Hi, size and weight are stated. You dont need to move files so theres no need for use the usb 3.0, If you dont like it dont worry, it is ok, we like it too much. We have the unit editing with premiere pro, the clip uploaded at you tube was done the edit with the same unit. Forgot tho say there will be some models (and some custom builds ) that will be compatible with MAC OS. Display is HD, IPS and 500Nits. Yes have a fan but is not a problem. And you'll hear no noise on your video unless you put the mic right on the device. and this almost nothings happens. There will be "probably" some basic OEM version without card , ssd and mem starting at sub 4 digits, for DIY users, but i cannot confirm on that. Some models will be compatible with MAC OS.

    This unit is palm size mr spacewig so if you dont like dubius market then first get your hand palm extended and size it, width per height.

    It is a shame that you dont support small teams like us, where this is an absolutely amazing and revolutionary product compared to what are today on todays market from mid-size companies, and you guys, on all the posts you are nothing more than complaining and complaining about.

    So, I probably leave this board, and only reply to people really interested, for sure in other forums once I saw what the posts and people here said.

  • GOODYES, How thick is the screen and does the 185x180x40mm dimension include the sdi connectors and, if not, how much do the sdi connectors protrude?

    Also, you may want to reconsider biting the hands that may feed you. You're trying to sell a product at the very moment that some very reputable companies have brought external video recorders to market. You should be prepared to answer some harsh questions if you expect people to part with over $1500.

  • I'd love to support a small team with a revolutionary product. I'm less excited, however, to support a small team with used car lot marketing tactics trying to sell stuff with little or no demonstrable benefit over existing products.

    A product which weighs 2x as much without battery as an existing product weighs with batteries because it requires me to run a full-power PC in order to operate an external recorder does not strike me as revolutionary in any way. What I see when I look at the pictures is a small off-the-shelf i5 motherboard with an off-the-shelf video capture card plugged into its PCI slot which has stuffed into a custom enclosure with a small HD screen bolted to the exterior which is running some somewhat neat custom software.

    My thoughts? If the software is really your selling point, sell the software separately to let people construct their own external recorders. Keep selling your own reference implementation if you like, but I'd be much more excited if this product had less horsepower and was a lot smaller. Having the ability to run a NLE on my capture with a small internal screen and maybe a single external screen is not super exciting when compared with running it on the desktop or laptop that I already have.

    Heck, this thread just inspired me to go do some searching. This little guy looks pretty neat: Now to go see how small a device I can find which has one or two USB 3 ports...

  • It´s Aprils fools joke it must be jajajajaaj

    you can do this by yourself with a tablet a decklink mini and an external hard drive. Build an external metal case and you are ready to go LOL

  • Hello Muntus, your statements seem smore reasonable. The 185x180x40mm dimensions does not include the SDI connector as there will be a model with only hdmi, models with only sdi, models with both, and probably a OEM without any card installed. Users will be able "probably" (im confident and not sure about the team main decissions) a 995€ for DIY to put their own drive, memoery and card. We are aware of the Atomos, Convergent Design and VideoDevices (last 5" models are superb) and we know the people on the back, some like CD Mitch said that we are on different markets, probably, but for the same price tag or less, Cinemartin will provide a portable computer, a 444 native recording and true uncompressed (as opposed as RAW uncompressed, where on users need to spend too much time converting to editable format, opposed to uncompressed avi (a litle bigger in size) where clips are in the easier editable format, with all the powerfull that a 10Bit and 4:4:4 gives you on post). Add blutooth, gigaethernet and wifi host, streaming capable, long battery life and 3D recording capabilities (3D will be a litle bit pricey but betw 2K and 3K for a complete set) and a powerfull computer that can be connected to 2x display port displays up to 4K and simultaneously output SDI or HDMI video, .. hmnn Im ready, for sure And do not forget that done by a small team Spanish based, the first one to release a prores converter in 2012, he first to release an h265 encoder in 2103 and about the NEXT.. available "probably" (Im sure) end this month with deliveries in May, 2015

  • Leon beas, ignorant people like you tends for me to dissapear from this forum. Let me explain that you'll never be able to get a tablet or a off-the-shelf motherboard as eatstoomuch.. said, plugin and get this, first beacuse there are notablet supporting this bandwith and second as there is no commercially available board supporting the indicated features, we spent thousand of euros in motherboard research last years, trying commercial products like asus, gigabyte, etc .. but no one is able, they consume a lot of power, there present several bugs on this size for the high speed required, etc .. believe me, we have several of this motherboards in the office, if you are interested I can sell to you at 50% of its current price, no one is done for a portable video computer. So finally we ended with a custom industrial manufacturer to supply the required electronics, yes, a motherboard with a special (non desktop) integrated cpu like the labtops, but with a custom price tag, that has nothing to compare with current market brix, nuc, mini-itx or nano-itx motherboard, but it is a trully industrial computer, no one freeze, no one shutdown, no one blue screen, fastest speed, a superb programming, the only downside its the price, that it cost more and more, but again, there is no other competence, as not exists. Getting back to a tablet, please do not compare apple to bananas, tablet have say 200-250 nit, no high speed drives, and like other mobos for this power consume, no support for high speed transfer. Then get a well done display, order higher quantities for the cables that cost near the half of the display (did you ear about LVDS ?, cost a lot), then spend half year designing a well done house, if you get back in time you'll see from us making a prototype back in 2011 (google for Cinemartin SFV, but bigger heavier and expensive), and now 6 motnhs with more than 5 designs.. Camon Leon, jaja Im sure you'll be able to make one yourself, better and cheaper.

  • @eatstoomuchjam @leonbeas

    Please, change tone. Be more friendly, no one is pushing you here to buy something.

  • I embrace every and all endeavors to bring forth solutions that benefit current needs. I don't care if the unit in question is the size of a concrete cinder block. What turns me off is any attempt to be duplicitous in the process of selling the product. It appears I am not alone.

  • @spacewig

    Remembering similar attempts to make cameras and recorders I can tell you - it is not worst one :-)

  • I never said it was, the product might be fantastic and their efforts should be applauded and encouraged. I simply object to any resort to bullshit to promote a product, as should you.

  • I simply object to any resort to bullshit to promote a product, as should you.

    Well, people are not born as PR gurus. They push things as they can, and as they know. I am sure they can improve with time using feedback.

  • This certainly doesn't look like it is for me, but I welcome any and all competition. Even subpar competition.

  • Cinemartin is proud to announce that NEXT 4K high end model will support 4K60P true uncompressed video record using dual 6G-SDI inputs. NEXT High end models will support MAC OS.

    431 x 200 - 102K
  • 4K uncompressed? I think lossless compression would be a lot more attractive right?

    PS: Is that supposed to be OSX on there as an option? :-D

  • 4k uncompressed is true cinema quality, in a single .avi file. No other one brand/model feature true uncompressed. Yes, lossless compression is featured. But once you see the true power that uncompressed brings, it is a super bright, clean, cristal picture, the far away objects, precises, its .. nothing compared even with prores. 1TB brings about 40minutes of uncompressed recordings, we were able to edit the above hands-on video in uncompressed within the same device.

    I dont understand what you mean by "Is that supposed to be OSX on there as an option? " Users will be able to install MAC OS on some NEXT models, but we will not support MAC OS and currently do not develop software for MAC, but now it is an option for MAC fanatics. More info at the FAQ on under "Is it compatible with MAC OS ?", so for MAC users, yes your lovely (cannot live with) MAC OS in a palm size, most powerfull than a MAC book pro retina, with a powerfull video engine..

    Please do not critise, if you dont like do not post, I will be here for getting suggestions, coments and to answer questions and dudes about NEXT.

    Note: website is constantly updated as we advance. Current the product it is not available, but will be in a few weeks. PR will be released next week or so.

  • Calling part of your potential customers fanatics isn't very professional, or maybe PR stands for Poor Relations. If you don't wanna be criticized maybe don't come and publicize your product on an open forum. Such an interesting approach where one relates to technology as LIKE/NO LIKE. seriously.

  • Whats wrong with the word fanatics, dont worry, i leave this forum, as it seems are more users interested it critize me or our PR tactics than supporting or asking about the product. Bye