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NAB 2015
  • April 13-16


    Free invitations (aka Guess pass Codes) from:

    • Aputure - LV5295
    • Skier - LV3989
    • Some more codes: LV6726 , LV3457, LV9993, LV5787 code

    Expected interesting things:


    • Canon EOS C300 MK II, with 4K
    • Canon EOS One ( thing like Sony AX100 with DSLR form factor).
    • Some lenses


    • Panasonic AF1000 (AF100 replacement)
    • Some large cameras


    • Can be some large cameras
    • Nothing significant in low end

    Companies location

    • Schneider Optics - C6037
    • Lanparte - C11735
    • Skier - C12732
    • MotionNine - C10345
    • Redrockmicro - C9539
    • Lishuai/Fotodiox - C9939
    • Ruige - C9911

    Leave a message if you plan to be at NAB.

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  • I will be attending NAB on Monday April 13

  • Nothing significant in low end

    Thought the A7000 and some kind of E mount full frame camera is possibly coming?

  • Thought the A7000 and some kind of E mount full frame camera is possibly coming?

    Not at NAB

  • I am most interested in the Panasonic AF1000 (AF100 replacement). Other than rumored m4/3 Sensor and mount with "up to" 12,800 usable ISO, what do we know about it?

    I really miss my HC-X1000 and would like to replace it with something better in low light. I already have plenty of m4/3 lens so I may trade my awkward A7s in on it.

  • I'll be there probably starting on Saturday sometime ... and then most of the days through the show.

  • Canon PR

    At the 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will showcase its full line of professional, high definition imaging equipment for motion picture, television production, video content creation, and still photography at booth C432. During the 2015 NAB Show, Canon will feature a live 4K Workflow Demonstration where visitors will have the opportunity to interact with industry-leading colorists and editors in a 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) and DI (Digital Intermediate) suite. Visitors will also have the opportunity to demo the full range of Canon Cinema, HD Video and DSLR cameras, Cinema Lenses, including the Cine-Servo 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 lens and Broadcast HDTV lenses, such as the new HJ24ex7.5B HD ENG lens, through various simulated shooting situations in three different shooting galleries. Canon will also feature a 4K frame-grab demonstration where professional photographers will utilize the Canon Cinema EOS-1D C camera to deliver still images from 4K video.

    Live educational sessions will demonstrate the benefits of Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus technology for various shooting scenarios. In addition, images taken with the new EOS 5DS 50.6 megapixel high resolution Digital SLR camera will be printed on site on the imagePROGRAF iPF8400 printer, and displayed as wall wraps to highlight the detailed and high quality images that can be taken with the new DSLR.

    Throughout the 2015 NAB Show, Canon will host a series of unique stage presentations with renowned cinematographers, broadcast specialists, and filmmakers on the Canon Live Stage. These industry professionals will provide insight into the ever-changing field of optical and imaging technology and showcase their projects and works that were shot using Canon equipment, as well as share best practices and real-world applications for utilizing Canon technology.

    Highlighting the Company’s strength and achievements in the realm of optical technologies, Canon will exhibit all 125 of its current EF, Cinema and BCTV lenses. This dedicated optics section of the booth will include technology displays to help educate visitors on the intricate systems that help make Canon lenses such powerful tools.

    Show attendees are also welcome to view stunning clips of recent award-winning content shot on Canon Cinema EOS equipment in the Company’s 90-seat Theater.

    Canon 4K Reference Displays will be featured throughout the booth, including a non-linear editing system demonstrating the display’s compatibility with various digital cinema camera solutions as well as ACES color grading capabilities.

    Professional cinematographers in need of a fast, easy way to print images for scene continuity or to preserve highlights of a recently completed project will appreciate learning about the convenience and versatility of Canon’s high-quality imagePROGRAF and PIXMA Pro inkjet printers.

    Canon’s Education Team will be hosting in-booth guest speaker seminars and workshops throughout the 2015 NAB Show. The aforementioned guest speakers have collaborated with Canon in the past to develop educational content, and will be conducting user-focused product and workflow demonstrations, as well as question and answer sessions with attendees.

    For more information and updates regarding the Canon Live Learning speaker schedule please visit:

  • One thing is certain... We will have interesting choices after NAB, particularly if Panny impresses.

  • Canon will also feature a 4K frame-grab demonstration where professional photographers will utilize the Canon Cinema EOS-1D C camera to deliver still images from 4K video.

    Bad news for Canon shooters that Canon is still pushing their old 1D C as their "4K camera"... :-/

  • Especially since the GH4 does a better job for 1/5th the cost of the Canon.

  • @RRRoger - ever worked with the Canon?

  • @RRRoger @mrbill

    Please, check topic title.

  • Anyone care to speculate what a possible gh4 firmware update during NAB could bring? I personally would wish for higher fps in all resolutions, raw output to external and possibly a better codec/close to raw internal output.

  • Anyone care to speculate what a possible gh4 firmware update during NAB could bring?

    No one even sure that such thing exist.

  • New 4K recorders from Sound Devices (aka ... Video Devices), the PIX-E series:


    This new line of Video Devices monitors feature 1920x1080 five-inch (PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H) and 1920x1200 seven-inch (PIX-E7) LCDs, a full suite of precision monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI I/O, plus the ability to record 4K and Apple ProRes 4444 XQ edit-ready files to affordable mSATA-based SpeedDrives.

    800 x 265 - 32K
  • Yeah! Much better size match for the A7s than the gigantic oversized Atomos Shogun

    Hope the pricing is reasonable for the PIX-E5H! Think it might be as got described in the press release as "affordable".

    Is sure to be better build quality than the Atomos too, which has had issues.

  • Will the PIX-E7 be priced competitively or over $3k like the PIX240i?

    I wonder if the Atomos Shogun and Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ will be there to compare?

    I have booked a flight and intend to find out.

  • DJI is set to announce something new ahead of NAB on April 8th -

    Could possibly be new product releases (flying kaleidoscope?), price drops or a combination of both.

    ETA - The kaleidoscope theme makes me think it could be a quad-facing camera module that records (4) 1080P streams every 90 degrees (the Inspire 1 image processor can already handle this so it shouldn't be much of a stretch).

  • my guess would be a 5-axis

  • they did just join M4/3s... so could be a gimbal with m4/3 sensor and mount built in that attaches to inspire or optionally a handle - maybe both pistol grip and / or two handed with joystick! DJI - smashing their way to the top in 'stabilized 4k video' IF they come through on image quality - do bear in mind M4/3 is very capable right now!

  • next iteration of the camera will have a “significant” increase in latitude, even “besting the Sony FS7″. The current C300 has about 12 stops of latitude and the FS7 sits at 14 stops. We’re also told the maximum frame rate for 4K recording will be 60fps. There will be higher frame rates available at lower resolution capture, but we’re unsure what the frame rate will max out at. It was suggested at 1080p @ 240fps could be the max, but we can’t confirm

  • all true for a tech perspective on moden sensors, and canon history recently

    dont expect 15 stops at 240fps, but fuck im allright with 12 if youre working on s-LOG

  • NAB contact info for me:

    Leaving for Vegas, be there tonight (Friday) at around 8pm, through Friday morning the 17th.

    Easiest to catch me at NAB:

    Cell for texts & like, really! Call me ...

    1 503 910 1539

    Email I'll get on mobile devices ...


  • I am in Vegas now, so anyone from the p-v forums "here" feel free to use the number above to text or phone.


  • Let us know what is new from Panasonic, Sony, etc. I will be there Tuesday but only for a few hours of checking out the exibits.