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  • @gardner, did you think about throwing some light on the rapper's face in some of those backlit shots? Either with a little on-camera light, or with some lighting effects in post? Maybe it was a creative choice to leave his face dark in those shots, I was just wondering...

  • @Tjabo

    I really must call upon you to rescind your completely over-the-top and overly harsh criticism of Gardners's video. As Douglas Horn so aptly demonstrated when another forum member offered his opinion on Gardner's work, that kind of peer review is just not welcome here. Personal-View is a place where all guys who boughted a camera - nay, filmmakers - can feel comfortable and safe throwing up whatever poorly shot, overly graded, sub-cameraphone quality video without fear of being asked why their video looks, well, so amateurish when they had the balls to hail it as "cinematic rap video" in their own description.

    I think what's missing here is an understanding of aesthetics. You may feel that a subject should be properly lit, so that he or she can be seen clearly. But like Miles Davis's playing, isn't the lighting gear Gardner doesn't use on a spec rap video just as important as the lighting he might have used?

    Why does the rapper need to be well-lit, anyway? Maybe he's singing about existential angst, and the director wanted to emphasize this by shrouding his face in darkness. Maybe the "bitch" he's singing about is his own internal struggle with the meaningless of it all. Maybe by not lighting this video and then grading the fck out of it so it's got that patented "I don't know how to grade and I'm doing it on a cheap monitor LOL" grey goblin look to it, what the director is saying is who are we to judge whether a spec rap video is "cinematic" or even visible when the director has already given us his opinion? Why should you have the right to express your opinion?

    Douglas Horn was right, by god. You don't!

    You're not entitled to an opinion here unless it's cluelessly positive and uses lots of exclamation points and misspelling. What you are entitled to do, however, and right this minute, is to get down on your knees and apologize to Gardner for offending his delicate sensibilities. Apologize for raising the possibility that perhaps his "cinematic rap video" wasn't cinematic at all unless by cinematic you mean of or relating to motion pictures in which case yes it was absolutely cinematic as are all videos of more than a single frame. Apologize for contributing to an atmosphere here where constructive criticism and "feedback" are free to inflict their helpful skill-sharpening hurt on kids just picking up cameras and aiming them at other kids who say things like "bitch" a lot, often in the dark.

    I would hope that this shameful episode stands as a warning to you all. Just because a video looks amateurish, or an ADR tutorial seems more like a warning not to do anything shown in the tutorial if you want your video to sound good, that doesn't mean you have the right to criticize anything anyone shares here. Look at the way Douglas Horn bullied that other guy into deleting his entire critique of Gardner's "feature short". That was truly a thing to behold. He even got the guy to apologize profusely for what he'd done, really bend over backwards and cave, throw away his right to an opinion like it was a flaming bag of crap.

    Now that's how Gentlemen behave. How Filmmakers behave.

    It's how Americans behave.

  • @ shaveblog: i wonder why a knows it all pro like you wastes his time here with amateurs like us whose posts just cause him eye cancer. or did this years Invitation to the cinematographers masterclass cigar lounge after party, where all the great artists hang out with their coke snorting eastern european hookers, not arrive yet? Or did you not renew your subscription to the ""? Have Aronofsky, Lynch and Nolan lost your cell number and you just hang out here until their desperate tries to retrieve your number are successfull and they call you again? Or are you one of the geniuses who were just overlooked by the ignorant society?

    This here is a site, where amateurs share the little knowledge they have. Feedback by more experiences users is welcome as long as they are not selfrighteous impolite dipshi*s. Why the hell would anyone professional who really has the skills and the paid projects waste his time here?

    Actually i would love to see one of your projects. Of course, you will claim that this aint necessary to claim your knows it all status.

    Seriously, if i go to one of my sundays league football/soccer matches i dont expect them to play like Real Madrid and bash them if they dont. Without digging into the depths of psychoanalysis: For you its not about giving constructive feedback/criticism or valuable advice. Its about building self-esteem on the backs of others. You just seem like one of those above average gifted individuals who failed to seize their potencial and who just became bitter in consequence.

  • "Why the hell would anyone professional who really has the skills and the paid projects waste his time here?" @Mirrorkisser

    Maybe because it's the internet and it's about sharing. There's not just amateurs around PV and not just amateurish speaking. There are very interesting deals, a lot of people making a lot of effort into R&D (kinda the topic to discuss it). No time is ever wasted unless you think so.

    I'm excited for moon T9, I had a great year shooting with T7 but I hesitated to jump on T8 since T7 proved to be very reliable (for me).

  • LMAO @ the stuff on here! :)

    As instructed, I DEFINITIVELY retract any unintended hint of criticism that may be inferred from my ambiguous questioning of @gardner about his creative choices!!! (requisite use of multiple punctuation marks)

    To be clear, I am simply curious if this is the look that the client had specified for those shots, or whether @gardner just liked it best that way. Or maybe a third option, he just showed it to the client as an unfinished rough cut, and the client said, "I FxxKING LOVE IT, BITCH, DON'T CHANGE A THING!!!!!!" Fits with the theme of the song that way. Lol. Who knows.. Just asking!

    @kkorr, I enjoyed your video. It's better footage by far than I was able to get with the ClassiX, and a very lively edit of an entertaining event. :)

  • "Actually i would love to see one of your projects. Of course, you will claim that this aint necessary to claim your knows it all status."

    I'll be the first to admit I can't sing worth a lick. But I can hear just fine. I don't need to be Frank Sinatra to recognize when someone else also sucks at singing. Likewise, I don't need a golden statue on my mantle piece to recognize that someone's video isn't very good. Even if their's is better than mine, that doesn't make their's good, it just makes mine really, really bad.

    Good is good. We know it when we see it...and when we don't. What's NOT helpful is Paula Abduling everyone's barely mediocre work. Simon Cowell had it right far more often, and those who were able to incorporate his advice were better off for it.

    I think Saveblog's posts are a breath of fresh air around here.

  • Hear hear, I love that stuff too :-)

    You don't need to be Coppola to see, how an endless stream about filmic grain, 3D effects and true 24p over 23.976p might be a little too much :-)

  • Might as well go on facebook and read the politicians snipe at each other.

  • @Jim_Simon, indeed you dont need to be a Sinatra. But its the much more comfortable position to never expose yourself and always throw dirt. Its like you hide your small willy or man boobs at a nude beach and laugh about everybodyelses. Whats the point and spirit in that? Or the supposed 9th grader who goes to the first grade class and just laughs about the reading skills there. whats the point? this kinda pseudo aura of capability, that maybe just hides your legastheny. By the way, i personally always enjoyed reading the reviews of directors (like Truffauts volumes or like Bergman did in his autobiography) who knew the struggles a lot more.

    I also dont mind the slap and get slapped as every nice controverse argument should contain, but just slap?

    I also dont mind honest criticism at all. But you should be able to learn from it, which is impossible, if someone just throws cynic dirt. But then again if some folks here like it, who i am i to judge, everybody has the right to be slapped on a free will by his domina. On the other hand, i doubt that everybody here apreciates this kind of bashing. yes, some parts of his posts are witty, but (and now following in shaveblogs footsteps): if i want real cynic wit that is entertaining through and through i rather reread Oscar Wilde and enjoy Lord Henry Wotton instead of a vain selfrighteous super light version.

  • @Mirrorkisser, Do you even know who Douglas Horn is? You try to beat Shaveblog at his own game but I think we can all agree that he is funny and insightful whereas you come off as pretentious and bitter (the very same things that you accuse him of). Your perception of injustice tempted you to come out of retirement and right the wrongs on personal-view but your enemy simply ignores your comments and now his self-appointed lackey is even trying to take a clumsy jab at you. If you preach a zen-like approach to internet forums, teach by example not through sermon. Change yourself and the world will follow. --The Meta-meta-police

  • @doodsaq, no i dont know who douglas horn is, and i actually dont even see a need to google him or. he is probably some super important Yankee and member of the american cultural task force that blesses the world with gifts of sophistication, human kindness and masterpieces of art.

    and i also dont mind your desire to hand out the roles in this play, making me whatever you like and choose the jurisdiction for you to make those calls ("but i think we can ALL agree that he..." ueehm are you a 5th grader who is trying to use the rhethoric/dialectic instruments he just learned about in school? or have you just previously watched a tea party debate?)

    also i dont consider anybody my enemy, what makes you feel that i consider shaveblog my enemy? no need to be so theatric. i also dont wear a cape. as you will aswell have noticed, unlike shaveblog english is not my native language, so i will never try to proof more flexibility or rhethoric wit in it, than a good native speaker could possibly have. in fact i enjoy his width of vocabulary and fluency more.

    and please explain to me what is pretencious in my post? Because i said Truffaut or Bergman? So saying "Douglas Horn" or "Miles Davis" or "existential angst" is less pretencious? you just dig out wordshells.

    your zen statement does not make any sense either. how could you just teach by example in a virtual world in which all interhuman contact is through words and posts? in a zen world forums are probably not necessary. how could i have a zen Approach then or want to have one?

    I just dont like Shaveblogs form of communication. I think its unnecessary to come here, act like a grandmaster and just piss people off as some form of agenda. as i said critical opinions are absolutely possible without insults. the Problem is he probably like to believe that its constructive criticism. there are (sometimes also talented) people here who are capable of constructive criticism. @tjabo and others were constructive for example.

    and i dont mind if @shaveblog reads my posts or not. how could i influence or force that in a virtual world? but thanks for your notice.

    anyhow, this is becoming more and more offtopic and pointless. if you feel the urge you can write me messages.

  • And with this crushing response I see no further choice but to declare today the birth of a new non-denominational religious organization: "The Douglas Horn Died for You Foundation." Donations now accepted through PayPal @ All proceeds will be used to purchase more of that high quality opium for shaveblog that allows him to peek behind that curtain we call "the ego" and come back with greater truths about the root of our lust for T9. I feel a toast may be in order...

  • Dedicated to you all!

  • Number 1 thread of the century.

  • @driftwood Fucking hilarious.

  • Sarcasm, irony...... some people don't understand this kind of humour. Personally I won't be happy until Apefos and Driftwood have a baby and call it 'T20 The Matrix'. I insist that they make it happen and give the GH2 more cinematicness and filmicness. I refuse to do any more shooting as all other patches are clearly inferior to the image I can imagine coming from this camera. But seriously, if you post your work here, I think it's quite reasonable to expect criticism, both positive, negative and humorous.

  • I have question and opinion. It is possible to make the GH2 look like digital video? All ptool patches make my video look too much like motion picture film.

  • @Manicd I think yes. I think increasing dct number and matrix quantization, it can work as a denoise to get a clean look and less sharpness like video.

  • Its like you hide your man boobs at a nude beach and laugh about everybody elses. Whats the point and spirit in that?

    The point is to shame the lardo's into giving up their snicker's and heading to a gym once in a while. Whether or not I do the same doesn't negate the need for someone else to do it.

    Framed more politely, the point of honest criticism is to allow someone to improve their work. If the standard around here is the inexperienced, unschooled amateur, no one will improve. If the standard is broadcast and independent cinema, then there's a chance for improvement.

    Whether or not the critic's own work also needs improvement is irrelevant. The criticism is based on a professional standard, and holds true when it's true.

    My take is that Shaveblog is trying to elevate the standard, is all. Things needed a good shaking up.

  • Shaming has never lead to improvement and it never will. I can play word gymnastic as well but quite frankly there are many Pro gymnasts here already. I don't think I can add anything to it since both sides have many valid points. However, There was this man who said something useful. (Applicable in Life as well as niche scenes like GH2 Hacking forums and quest for true cinematic images) :)

    700 x 450 - 44K
  • I just wanted to scan to every page to make sure I hadn't missed the release of T9. Then I got to this page and things got... interesting. I need to google a few new words now, for example: legastheny

  • I finally finished this little project I shot for a friend. I used a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 on the main camera (GH4 on UHD), from which I cropped into several different framings. This shot gave me a lot of problems because I had the aperture too far open for this lens, and got lots of chromatic aberration that was very difficult for me to deal with in post.

    The B-cam shot was Moon T8 through a Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 at about 1.8. LOVE IT!

    I am looking forward to your feedback so I can get better, I'm not just putting this up as an example of what Moon T8 did for me.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • @tjabo looks good to me. A little warm maybe but it's solid good work with no flash and dazzle to take you away from the character. The only minor comment I could make is to change scenes or camera angles more often. All in all, very nice work.

  • @tjabo Looks good. To me, music seemed to compete a bit with the speaker. Maybe something with a slower beat and perhaps take the music volume down just a bit. All in all good work.