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Analog vs. Digital cinema comparison study
  • I recently stumbled upon this interesting study:

    ANALOG / DIGITAL: The Emotional Impact of Film Recording Processes on the Audience

    From the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film IPF in Zürich. (The publication is not really brand new - but I didn't see it here or elsewhere before.)

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  • In my opinion, the motion film looks better than the digital one but it may also be due to the fact that very good colorists are rare.

    I'm starting to see a lot of digitally filmed movies in winch I totally dislik the image and the grading lately.

  • I hate when these articles are published without a date.

  • On there German pages the behind the scenes film is copyrighted 2013 and a here's a screenshot of the German page citing the project timeframe was May 2012 to Oct. 2014


    I worked on a similar project in 2002 with the University of Zurich called which today brings you to Barbara Fluckiger's homepage. She was involved with both projects. A former sound recordist who has gone deep into the scientific and artistic exploration of what make makes a cinematic experience. Some may find it uber intellectual. She has published a lot in German and is married to Lutz Konnerman, a Swiss film director.

    These projects are tapping into funding for science and bringing it into the advancement of the arts in Switzerland. It is cool that they are publishing the results on the internet.

    I saw an old friend in the "making of" movie. I am sure he was psyched to be on a shoot of this size. There aren't a lot of big shoots in Switzerland (by international standards).

  • Digital Cinema Cameras are extremely close to Film, if not equal in the right hands. Difference is really minimal with the tech we have now. Check out this video see for yourself.

  • I remember big reels keep on turnin' Good if you have the money to have someone else carry them and soak them in chemicals.