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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • I just baked my first cake. It doesn't look so hot and it tastes, well, like someone's first try at baking a cake. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just is what it is. A not very successful first stab at doing something. We all have to start somewhere, right? Everyone sucks the first time doing something, right? No shame in that.

    But fuggit, I'm going to make a tutorial anyway.

  • If I'm not mistaken, Cake has it's own thread. But I don't care for cake. I prefer shooting for the Moon!

  • I might be blind, but where can I download T8 Moon? I only find the "Driftwood Moon T8" right under the first post and when I extract that I only get a "install notes for beginners" and some changelog stuff and I am almost tearing off my hair in frustration of not finding the "real" hack patch zip to download...anyone who wants to help me to say where to download it?

    Edit: My fault, understood what to do!

  • @shaveblog i know how to reduce the bitrate but that wont help. see in 130mbps with maximum output. @Jim_Simon please upload a single clip longer than 2 minutes from moon T8. u have a longer one 30 min great if u could dropbox it please do. i want proof. your words sounds so fake. see moon T8 is a very complex patch most of them didnt even get a in cam playback for clips over 2 min. u did 30 min cc rec. thats a bull shit man.

  • @Maya I would suggest testing the different settings yourself before calling someone "bullshit". I have used the Intravenous v2 setting a lot and have recorded many clips 4-8 minutes in length, and they all played back in camera. I also had a few I did for ~20 minutes that also worked fine with in camera playback. (I always used Sandisk 64GB 95Mbps card)

  • @maya I tested 24h yesterday and I had no problems filming over 4 mins long clips with a sandisk 45mb/s 16gb card. This was with moon t8, and everything played back well in camera

  • @Jim_Simon Have you set the low value in 24p format (aka 24L) when you used Moon T8? I have split files only when it is 24L and It has never spanned in 24H mode.

  • @kkor I've not changed Nick's bitrate settings for either 24H or 24L. I've not tested 24L for T8, but had no trouble with 24H spanning using either the standardly recommended SanDisk 64 GB card, or it's 'bigger brother' the 128 GB card.

  • I have a serious question, guys: at what point do you stop responding to someone who fights your every attempt to help him?

    Maya, I'm officially done. You're on your own. You will never get T8 to work right with your camera and it's entirely your own fault -you argue with people trying to help you, and frankly you come off as someone who's in way over his head.

    I recommend you give up on the whole hacked GH2 high bitrate patch trip, and find a camera more suited to your ability and use case.

  • @Maya I don't get in-camera playback with any clips simply because I up the audio bitrate from the default 192 to 384. Changing the audio bitrate prevents in-camera playback, no matter what the video bitrate is, so I can't test that for you. But I don't really need in-camera playback, so this is not an issue for me.

    My claim was simply that I can RECORD clips longer than 2 minutes with T8, something you claimed you couldn't do. Spanning for me has worked just fine with T8 (using a proper card).

  • Noob question from an non englishman, what is spanning? I google searched it but I couldn't find anything and it stands everywhere on this site. Thanks!

  • @Shaveblog u r suggesting me to buy a new camera.. thats great.. thank you! i agree with u @JIM_Simon with 95mb/s card it spans. i checked it today. but still it wont playback in camera if its over 2.4 minutes. thats what i faced. a weird issue is when we record over 4 minutes the recording stops. what so ever i am gonna check out more patches which suits my needs. @driftwood sir if you could release a patch with all intra frames with maximum quality possible within 100mbps thats gonna really rock the floor of most bloggers, indie and doc shooters.please consider to release a fine tuned MOON T9 with lower bit rate around 100 or 110mbps, and please do improve the quality to the max.. thank you!

  • This is the last work my team did in MOon T7. i am happy with all the moon patches 5, 7, and 8. the only problem i faced was long duration recording and in camera playback with longer clips.

  • @ Norux First of all welcome. The file system on the SD card is limited to maximum file size of around 4GB. The actual file size is dictated by your clip length (recording time). A long clip might be say 14GB. As the file is written to the card it is broken up into 3 x 4GB files plus a 2 GB file. Your NLE software should join these 4 files to reconstruct the original 14GB file you intended to record.

    Spanning is the point in time when a 4GB limit is reached and the next part of the file is created. ie the split point. Some users are experiencing a break/stoppage in recording at the split points.

    Please note that all GH2 cameras and SD card combinations are not equal. The newer patches push the camera pretty hard.

  • @callan I understand, this cleared things a lot up. Yes, I found out that moon t8 on h24 pushed the camera very hard ehe...

    If the playback lags very mutch and reatch a point where it is unplayable is it the card that is the bottleneck and not the camera? I have only a 16gb 45mb/s sandisk card so would the recommended 64gb 95mb/s sandisk card solve these issues? Anyways it is pretty insane video quality when it all is working well, and it would been totally awesome to get it working most of the time, not the other way..

  • @ Norux The recommended card @ 95mb/s invariable works. Have also had success(T7 & T8) with SanDisk micro SD 32Gb class 10 cards, but not with the equivalent standard SD card. On stopping record thee is quite a long wait (10sec or so) before one can start recording again. If you are undertaking paid work ensure your kit works unconditionally. Only tried 24P briefly as I work with 1280x720x50P.

  • @driftwood Please reply sir..

  • Dude, seriously?

  • @maya Stop posting here. Seriously, please go away and never come back.

  • As mentioned previously: For those having in camera playback issues don't forget SD Formatter utility.

    If I do a full format on my Sandisk Extreme Pro 64g I don't seem to have in camera playback issues when using Moon T8. The only times I seem to occassionally have problems is when I haven't used SD Formatter and have just done the standard quick in camera format.

    I've used it enough now to be convinced it makes a difference especially as both camera and cards are probably being pushed to their limits with some of the patches.

  • Pancake Day in Vologda (Russia). Panasonic GH2 hacked, DREWnet T10 ClassiX 24p L, HTC mode is always on, Lens Canon 17X9.5 via adapter, ISO 200

  • @Gardner Really nice work wiht gh2. Looks like black magic camera. Got something more?

    @Maya Awful color grading. This is gh2? This is not good...

  • I just want to chime in and add that the 4Gb file size is NOT a limitation of either the cards or the file system on the card. The 64 Gb cards most of us are using get formatted as exFAT by the camera, and are fully capable of recording files larger than 4GB. Spanning is the result of an artificially imposed limit by Panasonic and other camera makers. There's no technical reason at all why longer clips need to be broken up into multiple files.

    My hope is that Panasonic and other camera companies will do this right with the upcomming H.265 cameras, recording ONLY to exFAT formatted cards, using the MXF container format WITHOUT any type of folder structure. MXF files are fully capable of holding video, audio, timecode and metadata.

    One clip, one file. This is what is needed and wanted.