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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • GH4 - 4K - LUMIX 14-140

  • Just finished this music video for Italy-based American artist Elisabeth Cutler.

    Shot with GH4 + Leica 15mm/f1.7, 25mm/f1.4, 42.5mm/f1.2, Panasonic 7-14mm/f4.

  • The shutter button is bigger & easier to press.

  • Might be a stupid question - but by any chance when shooting in Video mode - is there any difference if you press the red REC button to start/stop video vs. the actual shutter button on the GH4? Thanks!

  • @olegkalyan

    Agreed with above, great mixing of cuts & transitions, so one doesn't even "see" them. The missus wants to know if you had someone panning the lights on your direction ... how you got the moving-light work done.


  • @olegkalyan Nice music video. I also liked the practical light effects and mixed cut transitions.

  • @olegkalyan

    Nice ... the missus noted the great way you'd moved the light across the scene at times, which was very effective. And I noted the sound which I assume was coming from the rather nice audio capture/process/mixing gear in that studio ...


  • shot this music video in a studio with two GH4, pretty happy with the BW result!

  • Well, you cannot go wrong: "Remote" label on left side of the camera. Also, there is no other 2.5mm jack on the camera.

  • plugged into where? -

  • I should note that for a dead-simple remote run/stop trigger for the GH4 all you need is a standard LANC TRS (3-pin) 2.5mm stereo micro-plug (the one size smaller than a standard mini headphone jack). You don't need the 4-pin plug shown in most panasonic trigger schematics. You also don't need the resistors. Just short the tip to the sleeve momentarily to start and stop. I use a momentary pushbutton switch between the two. Works like a charm. I wired it into my handgrip, but I would assume most standard remote triggers for normal cameras which use a similar trigger schema will work as well, if you need inexpensive remote triggering a pair of flash remotes will also do, with a simple custom cable! A lot easier than trying to use a smartphone, pair the wifi, etc.

  • Thnx for the comments. I also didnt think I needed that kind of cinematic element for this kind of film. I also didnt outputed this in 23,976fps either. Its actually in "noncinematic" 29.970fps :)

  • @digitalflaskpost That was beautiful.

    @jopereira Widescreen is great for many films, but some films need 1.85:1 or 1.77:1 treatment because of the subject matter. Most of the shots in his video are of a single childs head. There is no service to the story telling by adding more background to the left and right.

  • @digitalflaskpost Nice video. Try to put it in 2.35:1 format and you'll see what doing almost nothing introduces so much to this kind of video.

  • Slow-mo 96fps, filmed with my GH4 trying to achive a cinematic homevideo with a story...

  • Slow-mo vid, shot on a GH4....please like on youtube & share :)

  • I shot this entire piece with 2 GH4's. It's a music video for LEGO, and their new season on the show Ninjago.

  • A test for teaser with the GH4 and Sigma 18-35, cuts in Premiere, grading with Resolve. Trying to keep 200iso to contain the noise. Noticed, as lots of shooters here, that curves set to +5/-5 is a source of annoying noise. Bokeh is not as smooth as a good RAW, gradient are a bit tricky to manage even in Resolve. My personal view is : set up the best light, no light no shoot, good tonality and contrast are the key, but don't forget that you can crush shadows or blow highlights if your subject is perfectly enlightened.

  • She does seem to be happier at F1.4 than at F2.