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The film Free China Courage to Believe
  • I've bin with this forum a while and I'd like to share with you all a documentary that I worked on. Its the true story of two people who were persecuted for there belief and practice in Falun Gong. It's won a number of awards at different film festivals. I'm proud to have bin a part of this production, and happy that it's come so far. The worlds people needs to be aware of this issue and that it persists even to this day.

    Shot on a 5D m ll and a gh2.

    This is the trailer.

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  • @rumi This looks great. Very important issues here. Thanks for your great work.

  • Thanks, I was just one of the camera men but, I did all the lighting set ups.

  • It's won a number of awards at different film festivals.

    Something tells me that I know the reason of this. And it is not actual quality of the film (that can be good). If you go and see winners of western festivals of past 35 years and their contents you will see very interesting patterns.

    I can rephrase famous A. Zinoviev quote:

    Targeted communism, but hit China.

  • i don't know anything about falun gong. is it a "cult"?

  • @babypanda

    Just understand that WP has it all by US propaganda side (WP is generally one branch of US/UK propaganda, nothing bad about it, just fact) :-) Spend some time to know other side of this (not so easy in simple English search). And it also shows some sides of huge hierarchical system :-).

    Some people claim, "Our human race evolved from apes." In fact, let me tell you that man did not evolve from apes at all. Darwin proposed a theory, which says, "Man has evolved from apes." When he made public this theory at that time, he brought it out with great trepidation. His theory is full of loopholes and is incomplete, and yet, it has been accepted by people to this day. Please think about it. The evolutionary process that he proposed of apes evolving to man, a process of tens of millions of years, cannot be found. There isn’t one.

    Certainly it is community of smart people to believe this.

    In addition, why are the species that exist on the continent of Australia different from the species that exist on other continents? He could explain none of these.

    Well, it is good to read history and research of Darwin to make big fun of this statement.

  • @babypanda, Falun Gong is a system of cultivating one's character by practicing truthfulness, compassion, tolerance, and five physical exercises. If you want to learn more about it go to

  • @rumi Looks very good - important film to get out there.