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Best camera of 2014, your opinion?
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  • ...a multifunctional tool - Lumix FZ 1000 ,even underappreciated

  • The only camera that truly impressed me in 2014 was the KineMax 6K.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Ah! True, if we are counting only cameras that came out in 2014 then I would have to say:

    LX100 (all-rounder) and X-100T (street camera for stills)

    Both look pretty fantastic to me, but I have not been terribly impressed with any of the newer cameras for motion picture use.

    I would give the A7S an honourable mention for a few narrow use cases (specifically full-frame, low light).

    But of the cameras I've used or had a chance to use but declined in 2014, it is the GH4 that for me is the best, still. ;-)

  • There was some great cameras in 2014...Personally the one that gives the Best BANG FOR BUCK and packed full of HELPFUL video features 10bit 4k and 10bit 1080 output, decent slowmo is with out a doubt the GH4! My jaw dropped when i saw the specs and the Driftwood presentation. The only other camera that made my jaw drop almost as much was when the canon 5dmk2 first hit the scene with the vincent la foret video. I went to a Presentation for the new Docu-style Arri Alexa in 2014...and yes it is more versatile and cheaper and still PIN SHARP but i just wasnt blown away. The A7s is a real eye opener with the low light feature, might buy one at some yeah for me it was the GH4...BANG. Happy new year!

  • Sony A7S for me. Could call it "The Liberator" :) Because it's so liberating shooting with it. - You can use any lens. All sort of vintage glass on their intended focal lengths. Use my canon glass too. It has been great experience and brought back memories of my old photo days when everything was manual. Sony A7 series seems like the perfect digital back we dreamt about in early days of digital photography. - two different formats for video (full frame and APS-C), so one lens is actually dual focal. Full HD good enough for me at this point. - can shoot in almost any sort of lighting conditions and not worry about a damn thing. - It is small versatile, easy to carry and work with and still full frame.
    12Mpx for photography doesn't seem a lot but they are enough for my type of work. Good colors in video are difficult to get and grade in post, that's the only major negative so far with Sony A7S. GH4 and NX1 are great too but second on my list.

  • If Panasonic GH4 is not camera of 2014, I vote for Panasonic VariCam 35 or Leica S (Type 007). Happy New Year, everyone!

  • For me it was the Black Magic Production Camera, it took a while to learn its characteristics. It rewards patience. So just an honourable mention, nothing too over the top.

  • What year is the GH4? And are you talking announced in 2014 or actually shipped in 2014?

  • What year is the GH4?

    Sorry, my bad. Thing with GH4 is that specs and main things where known well before. Hence in my head it is like 2013 camera :-) , while it is officially announced in 2014, of course.

    And are you talking announced in 2014 or actually shipped in 2014?

    Preferably both :-)

  • GH4 for me. Having said that, any of the cameras mentioned in this thread can deliver outstanding imagery -- in the right hands of course :) Hard to see how 2015 could top 2014 but here's hoping. Happy New Year to all.

  • Personally I still prefer the original BMCC (though I have it since over 2 years) - the KineRaw cameras are the big surprise for 2014 IMHO - can't wait to play with the KineMAX.

  • It has to be the BMPC4k. Global shutter. Great image. Cheap.

  • And the Amira.

  • Panasonic g6.. With the right lens and grading can look just as good as gh4 at 1080p... Dirt cheap on eBay too

  • A7S for me. To me it hits just the right place between image quality (clean, sharp 1080, buckets of latitude, good color), ease of shooting (SD card holds a lot, good EVF, plenty of exposure/focus tools), and ease of editing (manageable file sizes, not demanding on hardware, reasonably straightforward to grade).

    I really want to like the GH4 more than I do. Still a great all-around camera, and I do shoot with it often. But, for me, a bit disappointing in the 'feel' of the image, even compared with my beloved GH2 (I don't just mean the small sensor, I mean the more intangible aspects of the image, its texture, color, movement).

  • The G6 has been my workhorse too, never disapointed me in video. Best camera is the one you know how to use, not the one you dream of using :)

  • GH4 for me, A7S honorable mention. Vitality thinking it is a 2013 camera jolted me awake though...had the damn thing for nearly a year, need to do even more with it.

  • Used GH2 - $350 (...although images coming from people using GH4 look damn nice...would love to test with my 1972 Lomo lenses).

  • @matt_gh2

    Again, only cameras introduced in 2014.

  • I vote for the Panasonic Gh4 as the camera of the year.

  • MFT: GH4 and LX100(compact class)

    APS-C: NX1
    FullFrame: A7S
    1 Inch: FZ1000, RX100III, AX100

    Winner overall: I had/have all of them exept A7S and I vote for the NX1, never seen such a good video quality out of my own hands:-)

  • My two votes go for:

    • Sony a7II, make photographic fun again.
    • Lumix GH4, a absolute video package.
  • Lx100 overall. Extremely useful.