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Uh Oh - Samsung NX1 Crappy Test Film
  • This little plastic fellow, using h.265 maybe the best video to come out of a dslr - maybe on par with the Red Epic. Look for yourself.

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  • Good, but Im not suprised.

  • Whoah! Hang on guys, I have this camera, this is positively dreadful footage, you will NOT get aliasing and moire at the levels in this video. I don't know what kind of transcoding or what went wrong, but this is NOT representative NX1 footage. It's a very good camera.

  • I've read the Vimeo description twice and still can't tell if it's sincere or a snarky sarcastic slam on the NX1. As @brianl mentions, this weird jittery footage is not indicative of what the cam can do.

  • It is clear that he was also doing a test and it is useful to see because the rolling shutter of this camera is not very good at all. Another thing that I see about this camera is the low dynamic range, everything that I have seen is very very contrasty, somehow the colours are very nice.

  • @danyyyel I wouldn't judge the dynamic range based on this. He applied an SLog lut to the footage (which already has a baked lut), and "messed with the gamma curve". In other words it's pretty well mangled....which is fine, if that's the desired stylistic look - but it's by no means a valid camera test.

  • Yes it looks like total crap. This is the worst looking footage I have ever seen from any camera, ever. This person should immediately have his NX1 license taken away and thrown in jail for a very long time. Everything about the look of this video is off.

  • Am I the only one who likes this warm contrasty look and finds it filmic? Is this raw footage straight out of the camera or is it graded? The rolling shutter is really ugly, however.

  • @eddavid It's hard to tell when your being serious, but if you did pick up an NX1 and plan to continue shooting with it; kudos on taking the plunge. It's a really interesting outlier camera capable of great pictures. Just throw some stabilization on it next time man :p

  • If you click to the vimeo page instead of watching via pv, it looks much better. About the rolling shutter, are you guys talking about the part where he whips the cam back and forth? any cam will look bad doing that.

  • guys, it's just a collection of random shots, looks like any PV camera test. which is good:) the footage is very nice, i like the colors and contrast, dr seems decent, some pretty bad aliasing in a couple of shots, but nothing horrible. nx1 seemes like a great cam, nx2 might be a real killer. thanks for the test eddavid:]

  • I like the look. But if i was shaking like hell, i wouldn`t film handheld. The jitters and the focus issues make it pretty horrible to watch.

  • Ed David seems to be a talented dp, the images are cool, I'm bitching about about the aliasing and moire and the fact that each shot is 2 seconds and you cannot easily analyze the image because it's so brief.

  • I think because I downconverted in wondershare - should have kept as 4k pro res hq files and downconverted in resolve. Yes images are short because most of my audience are under the age of 7.

  • One very important rule is to decrease the contrast while converting to h264 or prores, otherwise the crushed blacks will be baked in. Thats why most of the testshots looks too contrasty. In Wondershare Converter you have to decrease the contrast by -20. The highlights have to decrease by luminance curve in NLE to 100% (from 109%). Afterwards the footage is looking very nice with high dynamic range.

  • Ed drinks waayyy too much coffee...Its a known fact. He gives Alexa rolling shutter!

  • @Angry_C Why not just bring the contrast down a bit in camera instead? Crushed blacks are baked into the h265 file before any transcoding if you shoot with a contrasty profile.

  • I shot with minus 10 contrast. the lowest contrast. but on transcode I didn't realize that it was adding contrast back in. I need to redo when I have a chance.

  • I think the Nx1 H265 output is mapped to 0-255. On standard PC settings the contrast is very high and the blacks are crushed. But if you set the Media Player Classic ( the only one which plays the h265 smooth on i7 2600k) or the Nvidia Settings to 16-235, the details in the blacks are coming back. You see, everything is there. But at least the wondershare converter is baking the blacks in with standard settings, so you can't recover them after converting. To avoid this, I set the incamera contrast to -5 and wondershare to -20. This is in my eyes a reasonable compromise. Sorry for my bad english:-)

  • Here's regraded properily out of wondershare. Thank you all for your feedback. Looks much better. Blacks are raised.

  • Fine, it looks much better. Samsung has to implement 16-235 and 16-255 like the GH4 with a firmwareupdate.

  • thanks - Samsung has been very quick already to update the firmware. I expect them to be able to remap luminescent values if you desire it.

  • Colors look nice now ed, no longer crushed and clippy. Assuming the ImPulsZ lut is not applied in this version too. It's been said before of this cam, but you pause 4k video frames and they look like nice jpg stills.

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