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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3
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  • @starios no harm done, absolutely no worries mate =)

    Actually I've thought of you, I'll explain, bare with me. I'm shooting in the theater, it's the very first rehearsals where screenplay, people own emotions, production changes, the inhabiting of the scenic space, improv (search for the characters, in the relations, pause, silence, a dog, changes, ordinary madness and the funny caramel, etc.) are all mixed up, much like in a Cassavetes film. The same happens with light design and scenography which are yet to be designed, this allows/gives me a great deal of freedom... in spite that a lot of interesting things are already happening.

    So, the auditorium is generaly lit with fluorescent tubes, I start taking stills and at certain point wanted to record some clips just to have a sense of the movement, of the whole. Much to my surprise I couldn't use the 30p at 50 shutt speed I do all the time; very heavy flickering, after trying all modes and shutter speeds combinations I found only 24p with 50 SS to work. First time I've seen this. Talked to the company light designer and he could not explain... he told me though an incredible weird story about...

    I'll dig more in this particular phenomenon :P

    A loose though, a reason to have fast prime (native) lenses which render sharp stills at its fastest aperture is virtually silent op, much needed in this kind of situations/jobs - vintage glass does not have this prob, but is generally less sharp WO =)

  • RAW ON GH3. I know it will remain a dream...but i don't ask more from life.

  • Fifteen 3.2 second exposures stacked and processed. 400mm equivalent view @ F4, 800 ISO.

    StarField (1 of 1).jpg
    1456 x 1029 - 684K

    Hi, I posted this somewhere else, but maybe some people who follow this topic might also be interested. so, here's a videoclip i've done recently for the Underworld competition. gh3+rj lens turbo+sigma 18-5, tokina 28-80, and vintage minolta 35, 50, 70-200 and 135. graded in very little time unfortunately.thanks for watching, feel free to comment.

  • Great job petersellersbuyers! I have recently moved from canon 60D to panasonic GH3, and this is my first test. I am really happy until now with the image quality of this camera.

  • Wow 2 very different videos (being the other the china one from borjazzz) - one slr magic glass and this with nikkors - from 2 spaniards that showed that GH3 can deliver the goods. @alvaro no me repito que ya the comenté en vimeo; superchachipirulo juanpelotillas!!! Respect man :--)

  • Two of my videos shot on GH3

  • I know i've posted about this before, but i was just wondering if there was any progress on the GH3 hack, winter swells are approaching and I'd love to be able to see what you could squeeze out of this camera!

  • @AndreHW very compliments. especially the first video is one of the nicest i've seen made ​​with gh3! Beautiful imagery ;-)

  • @AndreHW great works! Gh3 it´s a wonderful camera. By the way, the underwater images are also shot with the gh3? @maxr muchas gracias por ver y comentar el vídeo!

  • @alvaro, thank you! even your own is a great job! i shot the underwater images with gopro hero (2).

  • I wanted to know if I could use a panasonic GH3 with a canon 5D marh III

    what do you think ?

    And I would like to know if you use metabones speedbooster for canon FD and What do you think too ? because I don't know if I wait again to buy a gh4 and sell my gh3 or to buy now a metabones canon fd speed booster and keep my GH3....

  • An old water mill house in Georgia. GH3 + 14-45 kit lens + Lightroom 5.

    4608 x 3327 - 1M
    4349 x 3262 - 2M
    1224 x 1632 - 1M
  • My latest promo video, for design students National Competition. One of the 5 finalists. gh3+rjlensturbo+sigma 18-35+minolta vintage lenses. Adobe Pr and Sg. Done with no budget and in no time, as usual... :)

  • Been using the GH3 more again lately as a bcam for the GH4 (since my hdmi port is out on the 4, I need the GH3 on the rig), and it reminds me how good the camera is. Cuts nicely with the GH4 for 1080 applications.

    After a long time, I finally put this video out to the public the day before yesterday. Versions of it have been seen on the site, but the final is here. GH3 was the principal cam mixed with GH2 and 4. The GH3 60p coincided with me getting the 12-35 and 35-100 last year, and I found by shooting 60p with image stabilisation and post cleanup I could do moves that did not (to my eye) look like a fellow hand-holding a little camera. Was a big breakthrough and I do even more of that now with the GH4.

    This is a local initiation for the first major Center for Contemporary Art here in Panama. All Spanish.

  • From a recent trip to Freeman's Mill Park --

  • Is it common to experience a color shift on the screen when recording starts? Seems to get a bit warmer, or more saturated, hard to tell. Could be both.

  • Some have reported this sort of thing, a few to the point of causing deep distress at what is happening ... is the display off or does the footage actually change? As I recall, for some it was only the display that seemed to change ... others noted quite a shift in the first 30 frames or so. Not a common thing, but has happened.

    Unnerving would this be ... but if you're setting more by metering and white-balance setting rather than the display, and the footage is still what you expect, you can still operate. If it's changing the WB or exposure from what you've metered/set, then ... that's trouble.


  • You can see the originals compared in the second half of this video, and they are definitely warmer than what the screen was showing before I started recording. The white balance was off regardless, but still, I dont remember it being off by that much.

    Anyway, this was a fun little exercise in color correction in Resolve.

  • I still love this camera, although so many have moved on to GH4, including our team.

  • I've been away from video for more than a year, seduced by stills, which I have been making since my youth.

    Anyway, I had way too much fun putting this together with help from Alice, the more than beautiful model, Garrett J Smith, video professional who did the editing, and original sound by Craig Dobbin.

    Stills are Nikon D800, where the resolution shows to great benefit when Garrett zooms in.

    Let's see if Vimeo will embed?

  • Years goes by. I'm still holding on my GH3 hoping 1 day it can shoot both ntsc n pal with 200mbps bitrate. ;)

  • This was posted at some point, I guess that's why people are hopeful (me included).

    "Vitaliy_KiselevVitaliy_Kiselev July 2014

    Considering, GH3 hack. I am around 95% sure that we'll have such hack.

    All the while we are working to make it possible to save time and make more things in future."

  • I think those 5% is winning. Besides who cares any more anyway.