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  • I was searching around and I found this CAMTREE Camshade MB-2 Matte Box (CMSHD-MB-2), what do you think, anybody have it? How compare to Lanparte MB-01 or Cinematics? I think it is robust, two filter holders, metal construction... Thanks

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  • Most indian MBs work. But many have some issues, from small to large.

    I suggest to look at Tilta if you need top MBs, if not - at Fotga, they are very affordable.

  • Thanks for your help Vitaliy! I will look forward Tilta

  • The Crabtree mb 20 looks like a rip of the TILTA III MB-TO3.

  • The Tilta III looks really ok, I think I'gonna try this. Especially if the come with less issues of Camtree