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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • Oedipax You need to give it some time and play with all the adjustments. There is a lot more you can do with a GH4 than a GH1 therefore more things to mess up too.

    I really prefer 1080 P60 AVCHD with stock Cine-V to anything else because the incamera videos are so much better than I need. Even after burning a DVD or BlueRay I get nothing but praise from the viewers.

    Of course you can do better with 4k, but the file sizes and post processing can be very hard on you and your computer.

  • A small hack for the GH4 to remove the damn European 30 minute time limit would be pretty awesome! According to the GH4 service manual the only difference between European and non-European GH4s seems to be the main pcb or ROM. Thus it could be difficult to get rid of the time limit with a firmware hack. Since there are two firmware versions out there (1.0 and 1.1) one could investigate and analyze them.

    BTW: Importing non-European GH4 cameras is not the best solution due to to import duties, taxes and loss of guarantee since Panasonic does not repair for e.g. us units in Europe.

    I am not familiar with the GH2 hack: Was the time limit programmed into the main pcb / rom and could it be removed with the hack?

  • I am not familiar with the GH2 hack: Was the time limit programmed into the main pcb / rom and could it be removed with the hack?

    Each camera has non volatile settings memory :-) Otherwise just read FAQ.

  • Was it difficult to remove the limit for the GH2 hack? And did you ever try to remove it from a GH4 or GH3?

  • @Sadgasm

    Check topic title, it is not topic about hacks. If you spend few minutes of your precious time you'll find all answers.

  • Hey there, yesterday I shot some nightsky pictures and noticed some ugly bending and compression artifacts showing up on the display and viewfinder while I watched it. However, on my computer it's perfectly fine. Perhaps it's bad in camera playback compression or something? Does anyone have this same problem?

  • Hi... I have rent GH4 but thats not include the SD Card. So in my tight budget can Sandisk SDHC Extreme 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 45MB/s will handle 4K recording at 100mbps ?

  • Anyone know about new firmware release date?

  • Anyone know about new firmware release date?

    No. It'll be known 15th September.

  • I think the GH4 may have internal 10bit 4444, or 422 with the Log function. I'm not sure about having RAW.

  • Source ??? :)

  • Source ??? :)

    Fantazy :-)

  • I'd be happy if they just sort out the 10bit hdmi problems come the 15th or whenever they release the firmware

  • Source ??? :)

    Fantazy :-)

    • Fair enough :)
  • I'd would appreciate internal 10-bit 422 in 4k with log. That would probably be higher bitrate too, probabaly smth like Prores.

  • @mdfaisal, the card you mentioned should work fine and it's easy to test.

  • Wow so their update, is not going to address the 10bit 422 output of 1080p25, or should I say lack of output currently. Lame.

  • @ricker - to be fair, the community kind of decided Photokina would be the moment to announce the firmware upgrade we're all hoping for, not Panasonic. I think we should be looking for another firmware upgrade when the Atomos Shogun gets released, especially after the positive noises they've been making on their own forum regarding focusing on the A7s and the GH4

  • Panasonic recently announced their intention of a new firmware update in October. Perhaps, they are trying to do more than make it Shogun compatable thru the HDMI port?

    I am still hoping for 120fps at 1080P, but even 720P 120 would be very useful.

  • Filmed a commercial a few weeks ago with GH4 + GH2. I actually think they work pretty well together. Hacked with MoonT8. If you can share this with as many people as you know, that would be awesome and appreciated.

  • RRRoger - can you give a link to the October announcement? Thanks

  • In Europe the demand for the camera was 2,5 times higher than expected

    Sometimes I ask myself if it is special mentally challenged people adoption program is in action in Panasonic.

  • @anti12 - we know about that one. I'm asking about a firmware announcement regarding the HDMI output of the camera, and where we might find it.

  • Well I guess it was just wishful thinking of @RRRoger