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Photokina 2014 topic, support our team
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  • Thanks all! In the vid with Matt he mentions that intelligent exposure actually creates multiple iso points that can lead to noise so to avoid it which is what everyone generally agrees with I think. (4:11)

    That made me wonder if the curves feature actually works the same way and creates multiple iso points rather than just applying changes to the captured image this could explain why people report different expectancies with noise and curves.

    So if you are at 200 iso and set negative what does that do? if you are at iso 800 and set + is that going to push some into iso 1600+ etc.

    If we could ask how it works while you are there it would help make more informed descisions perhaps. For example if iso 400 really matches 0 gain as it looks to if you flip between gain and iso in camera perhaps a +2 -2 curve at iso 400 might be a really nice setting. - curves at higher iso may help reduce noise etc.

    Or the above could all be nonsense if it really just applies adjustment to the picture after capture from the sensor.

    Looking forward to more reports keep up good work :)

  • @Umii I'll try to find Matt today and I'll ask. Cheers, Igor

  • If you manage to find him, an update on the GH4 and the atomos shogun would be great

  • +1 @ mrbill

    another question is if the new 4k Photo Mode actually allows 4:3 Video Shooting (which would be great for 2x Anamorphic shooters)

  • Panasonic USA Matt Frazer (left) with Panasonic UK Mark Baber (middle).

    1024 x 766 - 105K
  • Another video from the Personal VIew Photokina team.

    At the Nest/Weifeng booth about stabilizers, monopods, sliders and tripods.

  • Some photos from Panasonic event








    800 x 462 - 41K
    800 x 504 - 64K
    800 x 511 - 39K
    800 x 518 - 38K
    800 x 538 - 39K
    800 x 526 - 37K
    800 x 423 - 33K
  • Fun photo:


    666 x 865 - 89K
  • The Queen has her personal view at Photokina about our Scottish members.

  • The CM1 Shutter Aperture control.

  • Another video from the Personal VIew Photokina team.

    Phantastic stabilizing unit "Birdycam" from Vavaron:

  • I happened to bump into Mr Michiharu Uematsu (Special Adviser, Imaging Business Group ) whilst on the Panasonic stand. He was rather rushed off his feet and very busy but he gave me a few minutes of his time. Being unprepared I didn't have questions either so I decided upon a friendly chat and to let him talk.

    Its a good start to relations for p-v and we hope to have a one-on-one chat when he's next in Bracknell, UK headquarters for Panasonic, very soon.

  • Nick, please make some subtiles.... ;-)

  • @AKED It was very difficult trying to film and listen/ask questions in a crowded arena. This was a total surprise interview and am just grateful he could spare us some minutes. He must have been tired out because everyone has been trying to see him!

  • @driftwood I know. It is great that you got the video with him. He is just hard to understand, especially for non native english speakers.

  • Another video from the Personal VIew Photokina team.

    Igor Drozdovsky interviews Andrew from SLR magic about wide and anamorphic lenses.


  • Photokina Model Test:

    (Left) - SLR Magic 10mm T2.1 HyperPrime CINE lens vs (Right) Tokina 11mm.

    Quick swap of lenses test at same settings. Even though this is a quick test I felt chromatic aberration was more noticeable in the Tokina.

    Really liking the look of SLR Magic Cine series. Very good design with extensive research into cinematic lenses by Andrew and his 5 man team.

    2560 x 1440 - 344K
    2560 x 1440 - 322K
  • legend Igor Drozdovsky interviews Mark Baber from Panasonic UK at the Photokina pre-opening. Some information was unavailable at the time of filming this.

  • Pro GH4 setup demonstrated by Matt Frazer with Aja SDI, Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q monitoring, Dionic Power to the YAGH and PL Cinema Lenses.

    1280 x 720 - 131K
  • Another video from the Personal VIew Photokina team.

    Olympus Manager Michael Guthmann talks about the open platform camera and the EM 1 firmware update.


  • Kooka Extension Tubes

  • Canon girls at Photokina know what's best...

  • @Umii I've spoken with Matt Frazer and some other people in Panasonic booth. It appears, that answer is NO: curves doesn't create multiple iso points, but applies adjustment to the image already captured by sensor.

    @mrbill I'll try to visit tomorrow the Atomos guys.


    is if the new 4k Photo Mode actually allows 4:3 Video Shooting (which would be great for 2x Anamorphic shooters)

    The answer is Yes, it would be possible to shoot 4:3 video.

    @AKED and @driftwood Thanks, Dieter and Nick, for posting videos!

  • Thanks @igorek7 that's good information! So I guess still benefit especially for 8bit internal as it will tweak the values on effectively raw data before encoding so better than doing it in post where I can only do it on the 8bit internal but go easy and probably most effective at lower ISO is what I'm thinking as a general rule. Interesting about 4:3 capture that's going to give some nice extra creative options, thanks again!