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Canon 7D Mark II topic
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  • now magic lantern hdr video will be more interesting using 1080p60... (if someday they can port it)

  • Nearly 5 years and this is what they brought? I guess this does put a line in the sand showing that the EOS cameras are Photography first and video is still an afterthought.

    If the sensor is as good as they claim in low light which I highly doubt then it will server photographers well for many years. For video it is so 2011 and the jury is still out if it has Moire and Aliasing still.

    This is a 7D with a better sensor and better AF with an extra SD slot.

  • Yawn indeed.

    I'd rather buy a few more of those $200 EOS-M's ;-)

  • 7D Mark II 1080p - 60fps I wonder how the C300 & C100 owners feel right about now.. Hope they get a firmware update ASAP.

  • yawn...zzzzzzzzzzz

  • One of the top reasons I keep looking into the Canon camp is because other camera manufacturers keep using their mount. If only they could just start using Sony E mounts. Same old sensor tweaked again. Same old boring cameras.

  • It may be for distance calculation/focus similar to what Samsung do with their RGB+IR sensor:

  • Could RGB + IR photometry sensor mean that some of the pixels are reading IR light to reduce luminescence noise in very low light?

    In astrophotography we remove the filters from our cameras so that they can see UV and IR light. Then we put very specific filters back on which allow us to just see the light we want. I have several modified cameras that I have also tested in daylight.

    The data(UV and IR light) that you throw away with the stock filter is very interesting. I wonder if Canon has found a way to capture some of that light by only filtering some of the pixels. They already filter the light differently to pixels for the AF. I wonder if they are doing that now for IR light.

    Maybe that is why the new camera has the unusual ISO 16,000 max value. Maybe it isn’t simply a better sensor that they added. If you increase the signal you don’t need a better sensor.

    I am really hopeful about this. I have been experimenting with it for astrophotography and it really seems like the stock filters lose a lot of valuable data.

    E-PM2 Best Processing.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 744K
  • You're surprised that Canon would keep using the same sensor over and over again? That's sort of their thing these days.

    At least on paper, those specs look pretty ho-hum.

  • @Leto Im sure that means that 1080p60 is the only new recording mode, in addition to the other standards.

    Sounds like a nice camera, Im curious to see what those Digic6's can do. Hopefully they wont be noise reducing the hell out of their video any more and will get closer to true 1080p perceived resolution. Im a little surprised they kept the 70D sensor, but maybe they tweaked it some?

  • What does RGB+IR mean? That sounds very interesting.

  • Wait, what? "only 1080p60 video" You mean only new feature? Surely it shoots other rates and resolutions.