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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • @agoltz, be sure to note that in that comparison the two cameras aren't at the same ISO setting. The a7S is set 3 stops higher. Cine 4 on the a7S can go down to ISO 200, so I don't know why he started at ISO 3200.

  • I think 3200 is supposed to be cleanest ISO on A7s due to whatever trickey Sony is using for insane high ISO

  • 3200 is not cleanest. Lower ISOs are cleaner.

  • Can anyone explain to me why S-LOG2 affects RAW photos at iso 3200? I get files that are slightly noisier, but with way more dynamic range, especially in the highlights.

  • When the picture profile is set to S-Log2 and you shoot raw photos at ISO 3200, it gives you the range of ISO 640.

    I don't think there's any good reason to use S-Log2 for raw stills. Aside from that ISO quirk, the picture profile doesn't affect the raw image, the minimum ISO isn't available, and the display shows unnatural contrast. Just pick a normal picture profile for stills.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 / Sony Alpha 7S Comparative Review at

  • My Latest Production. This Time Using The Sony A7S

  • Tatzu, what was your setup outside? Did you film in slog2?

  • @daisuke No i didn't use Slog2 because i'm a bit hesitant to throw a 10stop nd filter on there... I used picture profile 5 at the default settings which still provide a very good amount of dynamic range.

  • Has anyone run into the issue of audio from a7s footage not playing back in Resolve 11? Any workarounds?

  • @OzNimbus I have been playing around with Slog2 25p footage from the A7s (from a friend) in Resolve and also Audio does not play back (it is actually not even displayed in the audio track). Not shure what's wrong here.

  • I don't think they support it. Which is kinda bullshit, IMO. Got used to working with multiple nodes in Resolve for BMPCC & would like to continue to do so with the A7s. Not having audio really sucks.

    Meanwhile, here's a still I shot. Man, this thing is incredible in low light :)

    1500 x 1001 - 1M
  • A still at iso 160? and a 10 sec shutter! hmm.

  • Yeah, I wanted to smooth the water.

  • 'this thing is incredible on low light'. Yeah this is true, but using a 10 sec shutter with iso 160, any cam can make that shot...

  • Yeah. I also took clips for a music video using the bridge on the background & my cell phone to light the foreground. That kind of blew my mind.

  • ...and here's a frame grab from a video clip. ISO 30,000 using light creeping into a basement from some small windows. Did I mention the footage is really easy to grade?

    tj A7S - available light_1.1.1.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 973K
  • unbelievable shot for ISO 30.000 !

  • Really love this camera. I was doing some coverage of DragonCon in Atlanta for work over the weekend and figured some of the dark interior spaces of the convention hotels might be a good place to test this camera out, so I rented one for the weekend with a few days to get used to it beforehand.

    After a week with the camera, I'm totally sold on it. It definitely has more quirks about it than the GH4 - ergonomics primarily, the menu system, lack of customizable functions, but also a little less versatility overall, and yes the rolling shutter can cause problems at times although nothing I'm not used to from other cameras. In available light situations this camera is a complete no-brainer. I'm excited to purchase one soon (I will probably sell off my 5Dmk3 to make it something like an even trade) and experiment more.

    I hope they can add internal 4K to the next iteration, and mitigate some of the other weird drawbacks around the custom function buttons in a firmware update, but it's already excellent as-is. I shipped it back to the rental place today and I miss it already.

  • Holy shit! I wish I could shoot picture like that with ISO 800 on my GX1.

  • It is totally sad that this otherwise awsome camera has stupid 30min recording time limit. How should I record a 1.5h concert if I can't run to restart the camera in the middle of the silent piece?

    Sony, you won't get my money for this :-(
    30-min-limit sucks! I would rather pay few $ more, but this creepy limitation is simply no-go for my needs.

  • easy, tetakpatak: get a proper video camera!