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GH4 with a blackmagic ATEM 1080p25or50, via HDMI to SDI converter
  • Hey guys,

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using a GH4 through a blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter and then passed to a Blackmagic ATEM. I'm only looking to work in 1080p25 or 1080p50, but will need a 10bit signal as were shooting green screen and keying in the ATEM live. Basically creating a virtual set. I see there is discussion on the GH4 outputting 50p when shooting 25p, that is fine as long as the ATEM will see the signal. We are finishing with a live stream through a converter. Does it make a difference if the cameras is set in AVCHD or not on the HDMI output?

    My interest in the GH4, is we can also take the multi cam setup on location shoots, recording directly into the cameras themselves. Where as a solution like the Blackmagic studio cameras require separate recorders. (the BMD studio cameras are not very sharp either)

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  • What model ATEM?

  • ATEM 2 M/E 4k

  • But if it works on any of the other models should work on their latest one

  • The models with a 4K designation will do progressive at 50p. The rest NO.
    I haven't seen the discussions on 25p vs 50p output. Be aware that all ATEMs require that all inputs are of the same format.

  • At present, the GH4 will not output 10 bit 25/50p over hdmi. It's outputting a 50i stream, which you will have to deinterlace in post ( you also need to throw the GH4 into record)

  • So the GH4 is only outputting 10bit 24p and that is it? What is it outputting for the 25/50p? 8 bit 422? Is it only outputting when in AVCHD mode, and does that affect the output on the HDMI?

  • @mrbill Is the HDMI output a 25PsF format? All the documentation shows 25/50i only for the lower bitrate options. The high bitrate options are all progressive.

  • @caveport - if you watch the above video by Atomos, it highlights the current issues with the Gh4's hdmi output, which aren't detailed in the Panasonic spec.

  • Such a shame really. I spoke with a panasonic rep, and they said that panasonic wont release any features on a camera that were not advertised. As the GH4 is outputting 1080, even if it is a 50i signal, this seems to tick the box. Although its not the format you may have choosen in the camera.

    Real shame, I wanted to pick up 8 of these cameras, for use as 1080p25 studio cameras with an atem switcher. The 50i signal just doesn't key as well on the ATEM as the progressive.

  • @ricker - the guys at atomos seem to be working with Panasonic on a firmware fix for this and are guaranteeing it will work with the Shogun - they expect an announcement at the next trade fair. Maybe it will be tied in with the 'surprise' that's supposed to be coming for the GH4.

    They did advertise the sensor as having a 25/30p output amongst other things. I think it's reasonable to have assumed it would exit the HDMI port that way too..

  • That is good news! When is the next trade show?

  • I don't know - maybe someone else can chime in

  • 12.9.-16.9. IBC / Amsterdam, Netherlands

    16.9.-21.9. Photokina / Cologne, Germany

  • Hi, is there any news? Does the atem tvs hd or 4k work with lumix GH4? Are there latency issues? I'm working on a Roland v4-ex and considering bringing it back and change it for a Atem tvs i.c.w. My GH4. Hope this will work! Perhaps more luck when using BLACKMAGIC HDMI to SDI ?