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GeChic On-Lap 1002 10" IPS monitor, anyone tried?
  • I was browsing my local Computer store promo and ran into this external monitor. Not a lot of reviews out for it yet but seems like a good balance on size and portability vs price. Only thing it was no internal battery but since it takes 5V 1.2A most smartphone/tablet style battery pack can power this. I am still trying to get confirmation on compatibility with 24/50fps but maybe someone else already tried? specifically with the Panasonic GH4?

    What I like:

    • $240 ish
    • IPS panel with 170 viewing angle (horizontal and vertical)
    • takes 5V 1.2A input
    • comes with cover/stand/VESA mount all in one accessory

    Complete marketing overview:

    Whether viewing photos directly from your camera, playing games, or adding another monitor to your laptop the On-Lap 1002 10.1" Widescreen LED Backlit IPS Touch Monitor from GeChic offers a wide variety of viewing and connectivity options. The display also features 10-point multi-touch display along with intuitive control options such as QuickScroll, handwriting, hand drawing, and more.

    The On-Lap 1002 features an IPS panel with 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles allowing the display to be seen from nearly any angle. The 1280 x 800 resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio ensure whatever is being viewed on the 10" screen will be seen clearly.

    This versatile display solution isn't just for plugging into your laptop to be used as a secondary display; it has other uses as well. The multi-touch display allows for multi-player gaming, you can position the display in either portrait or landscape modes for use as a digital signage display, and you can even connect your camera directly to the display via an HDMI cable to get a better look at your latest photos.

    Multi-Touch, Ten Fingers Together

    The On-Lap 1002 Touch Monitor uses capacitive touch technology, supports ten finger multi-touch recognition, and comes compatible with Windows 8's multitasking gestures. Select, expand, QuickScroll, handwriting, and hand drawing can all be achieved. In addition to being used as a main monitor with touch functionality, this monitor can also become a second external monitor.

    Light and Slim

    The On-Lap 1002 is designed for portability as it weighs in at 1.1 lb (505 g) and features 0.4" (1 cm) slim body. The On-Lap 1002 also comes with a flat-back design, allowing it to be placed horizontally on-table.

    Transform Your PC into a Tablet

    The On-Lap 1002 can be used as a laptop or desktop's second monitor to provide a tablet-like user experience. Additionally, if that laptop or desktop is running Windows 8 and you don't have a touch monitor or screen, the On-Lap 1002 can allow you to fully interact with all of the included touchscreen features.

    IPS Wide-Viewing-Angle Panel

    The On-Lap 1002 comes equipped with high quality IPS panel, providing 170 degrees horizontal and 170 degrees vertical viewing angles. Additionally, the 1280 x 800 resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio generate a crisp, clean picture.

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  • In reality you need measurements for this monitor first, most probably they will come out quite bad (same as cheapest chines tablets screens). IPS itself is not enough.

    As on camera monitor it is not good idea.

  • I do certainly agree with you that the quality of the output needs to be reviewed. For my personal use I am hoping to at least have a reasonably large but portable screen to aid me in manual focus. The 3" LCD is just too small for me even with peaking..... just getting old :(
    Why can't my iPad Air do this ......

  • Cool, any reason not to get normal monitor made to be used with camera? Monitor with build in battery is very bad idea, and it lacks all the necessary functions and mounts.

  • When I had the GH3 I almost picked up SmallHD but then figured I might as well upgrade to GH4 to get build-in peak focusing aid. But it's not as helpful as I hoped and I already am way over budget for this being just a hobby so trying to keep budget low. Maybe cheapest way for me is to just change my prescription glasses more frequently instead LOL actually bifocals don't come cheap either :P