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Fotodiox, Excell, Lens Turbo analogs for m43 and NEX
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  • ... and they are giving the Light Cannon away FOR FREE with your Excel +1 order (for the next 7 days).

    All I can say is: Don't Do It!

  • All I can say is: Don't Do It!


  • @CFreak

    May be it is Ponzi scheme made to destroy the world as we know it?

    They'll make more and more crap adapters and will add for free all previous one if you buy latest one?

  • Can't wait for the Excell Wordd Powerpointt Ultra Max Pro Mark XXXV +12 launch in 2018. :)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I think you're on to them and their Ponzi adapter scheme! LOL

  • The way the online retail world works these days is like this: customers want to see customer/user REVIEWS of products before they buy. Fotodiox knows this, and that's why they are selling the new Excell +1 at a discount for first 7 days (trying to sell as many as possible before the negative word gets out). I, for one, would be happy to buy one, but only AFTER I see positive, unbiased reviews. But sight unseen, just to save 20 bucks? Forget about it.

  • Vizelex V1 vs. Vizelex V2 vs. RJ Lens Turbo vs. No Speed Booster on Nikon 50mm @ F1,4/4,0 ISO 200/1600

    Observation: RJ produces the widest Field of View and Vizelex V2 (Ecell+1) is surprisingly sharp when stopped down.

    Images are 100 % Crops from 4k Videofootage

    1920 x 1080 - 451K
    1920 x 1080 - 746K
    1920 x 1080 - 478K
    1920 x 1080 - 746K
    1920 x 1080 - 597K
    1920 x 1080 - 725K
    1920 x 1080 - 629K
    1920 x 1080 - 743K
    1036 x 1080 - 235K
    1920 x 1080 - 777K
  • Haha I guess that's one way to get rid of your faulty product?! Sell it as a "vintage effects lens"

  • Excell +1 still sucks in wide open? I'll pass.

  • The RJ one don't look bad!

  • @Marciok if you use it exclusively on slower Lenses it might be ok ;)

    ...with Sigma 18mm 3,5: No Speedboster vs. Vizelex V2 vs. RJ Lens Turbo

    Images are 100 % Crops from 4k Videofootage @ ISO 800 No Speedboster vs. Excell+1 vs. RJ Lens Turbo

    1920 x 1080 - 546K
    1920 x 1080 - 578K
    1920 x 1080 - 575K
  • So, these tests are not of the new Fotodiox Excell+1 that they just released and started shipping this week?

  • I love that Fotodiox has rebranded the Light Canon as a "Creative" lens adapter...

  • @revitdazio Vizelex V2 = Excell+1

    I'm an early adopter of their infamous Vizelex Light Cannon, so they shipped me a free Excell+1 some time ago.

  • Here's a review of the brand new Fotodiox Excell+1:

    Max Yuryev gives and unboxing, and compares the build quality, aperture control, mount secureness, and some quick video shots between Metabones SpeedBooster and the Fotodiox Excell+1.

  • From looking at that review, the Excell +1 is a complete waste...

  • 3 strikes and they're out !

  • Fotodiox fails again. Every test hitting the web right now has proved that this adapter is an optical mess for any M43 camera with a sensor larger than a BMPCC. Blurry, inconsistent images, unusable wide open, and is an utter waste of money and time. The BMPCC may have a sensor small enough to avoid the edges of the lens adapter and most of the optical issues but even in the middle it has proven to be no NEARLY as sharp as the Metabones Speedbooster.

    This is a “3 strikes your out” scenario for me with Fotodiox… Again, they tricked customers into thinking this "Excell+1" is a "new" product and that it's been "beta tested", which it is completely and utterly false. There is no way anyone who knows how to use a camera actually tested these out.

    Bohus puts his name and reputation out there as the face of Fotodiox, and if I was him, I’d be completely ashamed of myself and of Fotodiox right now. This is the exact same scenario for many a while back when the previous adapter turned out to be unusable as well… Instead of getting rid of bad product, they are trying to cleverly re-sell the adapter as a “stylistic lens: Light Canon”… Do they really think that the indie filmmaking and photography market is that stupid? I think not.

    Skip out on this Fotodiox debacle, save yourself a bunch of hassle, pony up the dough for the Metabones Speedbooster, and leave Fotodiox to their shame.

  • its so weird to me that a company would go through such extents in it's marketing efforts like Fotodiox has done for this product, and then really blow it on the actual product they've shipped. Its like there's really no quality over site - just a rush to market on a product that no one bothered to test.

  • @bohus, we haven't seen you post for a little while now... Care to comment on the latest Excell+1 adapter mess?

  • Another video from Fotodiox and Bohus Blahut, where he tries to persuade consumers to continue buying and/or keeping the Excell+1 adapter. I had to post a lengthy analysis of the video and it's claims in the video comments section, including an image comparison taken directly from the video itself:

    Downloadable HQ (.PNG) image:

    At first, when watching the new video on my Macbook Pro Retina screen at 1080p video resolution, I noticed the video looked pretty bad, so I went back and tried to look at the other recent videos released by Fotodiox about this adapter... All the others have a max resolution of 720p, so I couldn't really compare them to the new one at 1080p, but if you do get some screen grabs between them, i'd say the older videos even at 720p look better than this new video, shot on the Excell+1, at 1080p (probably at f/8 or higher). It just blows my mind that they are trying to convince people that their adapter is relatively good, and worth the money, when as soon as most people put it onto their cameras, they will quickly notice that it's messed up, and promptly return it.

  • I bought the Vizelex when it first came out. I then opted for the Excell replacement instead of getting my money back. Mistake! The Excell is awful wide open which negates the whole reason for a speed booster for my purposes, which is low light filming. I am finished with Fotodiox.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev The Ponzi scheme continues:

    From the video @revitdazio posted, Wolfcrow commented:

    "Bohus explains in the above video that those who purchased the Excell +1 and were expecting the Speedbooster can return it for a full refund, while those who wish to keep it can get a $50 credit on their next purchase."



    If everyone wanted their money back, would the firm survive? (Ponzi reference for laughs).

  • What's so embarrassing is how many reputable sites ran stories announcing it.