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Panasonic FZ1000 1", 4K video, superzoom, official topic
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  • this cam has clean hdmi output but is it 1080i 50? I'm considering to buy this cam for lowcost broadcast use. And is there any auto hdmi poweroff?

  • No Built-In ND Filter. It does have a Mic Jack. (Positive)

    Slow Motion 1080p 100/120 at 20 Mbps with a lot of aliasing. Line skips a lot to get there.

    This kind of tried to steal the thunder of the GH4 but in reality the sensor and slow motion quality are several steps below the GH4.

    Is it a great vacation family do it all camera? It is not weather-sealed, other than that it is the best compact hybrid ever. 4k Footage looks very good in ample light.

    BTW it used the Panasonic - DMW-BLC12 Rechargeable Battery same as GH2. A notoriously low lasting battery!

  • @jamesgh2

    Can you post the 1080/120 sample you've seen ?

  • @kurth

    At first I was like Oh man... Just spent a ton on a 4k GH4 and 96fps slow mo and now an under 1k Camera has even 120fps 1080p and well my fears are unjustified. It seems quality is way below GH4. Since the GH4 uses the same exact processor it might be possible for a hacked GH4 to offer higher frame rates and bitrates.

    Saw the FZ1000 1080p sample and info here:

  • IMHO the slow motion wiht GH4 looks bad either, like if it was uprezed fomr 720p, even the 1080p60p AVCHD looks better than 96fps

  • I like how it uses the same batteries as the GH2!

  • @jamesgh2

    That site is saying it's got 720/240. Anybody else heard that spec ? Look, it's obvious, if the gh4 has mediocre 1080/96, then this couldn't possibly be any better. If the 1080/120 looks like 720, my feeling is....super ! If it's got 720/240 , even better, as long as it looks better than 480. I just wish it had a higher bitrate fhd. Maybe a fw upgrade ?

    ...pulled off of b&h

    Additionally, high speed video recording is possible at 1080p, 720p, and 480p with sensor output frame rates of 120 fps, 240 fps, and 360 fps, respectively.

    I think if you tripod the camera for hs shots, where only the subject is moving, not all the information, then it might be useful.

  • @kurth

    Yes it has 720p at 240fps and even in 480p at 360fps in NTSC modes. Wonder how the 720p looks like, if its good then it could very well become a very cheap alternative to an FS700 for indies.

  • Looks like a great compliment for the GH4 for run and gun work. Pretty much looks like a camcorder killer.

  • no 5-axis-stabilization in 4k...

    @futur2, this from eoshd about the stabilization:

    It is not clear what kind of stabilisation, if any, works in 4K video mode. The spec sheet is confusing with respect to this

  • Does it have cropped sensor mode like the GH2/3/4 ?

  • Shock new 4K camera from Panasonic: The FZ1000 is well under $1,000$1000

    Is the new 4K Panasonic FZ1000 a Bridge Too Far?

    This new price point/performance benchmark set by Panasonic represents a game changing trend which is going to be hard to beat and is as innovative as the first wave of full HD started by the DSLR video revolution only just over 5 years ago. There's never been a more exciting time for independent acquisition, production and distribution,

  • Leaving out 24fps seems arbitrary to me. Oh, let's "protect" our other cameras from getting cannibalized! We don't want users to mix and match different camera lines! Sigh.

    Also the lens goes slow pretty fast; by 70mm eq. it's 2/3 stop slower -- which is okay, I guess, for the zoom range you get.

  • any PAL specs?

  • @tired

    PAL specs are same, just 25p instead 30p, and 50p instead of 60p.

  • And the damn 30 mins restriction.

  • From the RedShark arcticle:

    Perhaps this is why Panasonic in their wisdom have restricted the 4K video recording to 30fps. If 24p was available, it would seriously eat away their GH4 slice of the market pie. It will be interesting to see if a later firmware update will be offered in response to consumer demand pressures, that notwithstanding, the active hacker community may beat them to their own punch.

    I don't think so. The crop factor of the 4k mode in this cam turns the widest focal lenght a 37mm (in 35mm terms) - no very wide angle shots, which a GH4 could do (even more with a Speedbooster). The GH4 could achieve a much shallower DOF, and could shot in much less light with wide aperture lenses. The FZ1000 don't have headphone monitoring, and I doubt that it sends a 4k 10 bit 4:2:2 signal to the HDMI output (in fact, I guess that will not send 4k output video, only 1080p). The kind of professional that will buy a GH4 will never exchange it for a FZ1000 - the people here could prove me wrong if it is the case.

    In fact, I think that is just the opposite. With 4k 24p (even in 8 bit 4:2:0), Panasonic could sell a lot of these as a B-cam for the GH4 (especially if matching the images between both are easy). And sell much more for amateurs / enthusiasts that likes 24p and want to get their feet wet with 4k (my case).

    But, unfortunately, I doubt that Panasonic will enable it with a firmware update. A shame.

  • Buy a pal version from HK, unlimited! 25p to 24p should be easy in post? But really, these cams should be switchable by now, 24/25/50/50/60, whats the big deal Panasonic! I like the way Sony have done it on the A6K, you switch to ntsc from pal and it asks you to reformat and tells you are in ntsc in start-up, which is slightly annoying after a while but at least you can freely change.

  • People, lets search for any info on 4K video crop factor, since IF you would crop 4K=8,3MP from a 20MP sensor, than crop factor would be a SERIOUS ISSUE = not able to shoot 4K wide shots !!!

  • @FeriGGGG There is a crop in 4k mode; from the Imaging Resource article (

    At its maximum 4K resolution, the FZ1000 records using pixels from an eight-megapixel area at the center of the sensor, increasing the focal length crop by 1.48x, for a rather tight 35mm-equivalent focal range of 37-592mm -- good news if you shoot at telephoto, but not if you're a fan of wide-angle video.

    In 1080p there is no crop, a full sensor readout is employed and the pixels are binned in-cam.

  • ~5200/3840 (for UHD) =1.35 that would mean approximately 34mm at widest angle

  • @adventsam

    Buy a pal version from HK, unlimited!

    As far as I know it won't work. FZ1000 won't be released in Asia.

  • At its maximum 4K resolution, the FZ1000 records using pixels from an eight-megapixel area at the center of the sensor, increasing the focal length crop by 1.48x,

    And this is very bad idea. Looks like very rushed decision.